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Have Bed Bugs Gotten into your Monmouth County Home

A bed bug infestation is an extremely uncomfortable situation for homeowners to deal with. Having bugs in your house that live in your bed, furniture, or even clothing and bite you at night is unsettling, to say the least. Knowing that they can be difficult to eliminate only makes the problem even more stressful.

Two Bed Bugs on a piece of cloth

Our Bed Bug Control Process

If you’ve found bed bugs in your Monmouth County home or have seen signs of their presence, you don’t have to spend another day with that stress. Alliance Pest Services has over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry, and we are knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle your bed bug control issues efficiently and effectively.


An Alliance Pest Services Technician using a flashlight to check for bed bugs in a mattress

We offer two types of bed bug inspections. An experienced service specialist will perform a visual inspection and inspect your furniture, beds, and other areas of your house to identify bed bugs and bed bug activity.

We also have a K9 team that can perform a K9 inspection. These specially-trained dogs can sniff out bed bugs with a high degree of accuracy, which helps determine where bed bugs are present in hard-to-reach areas, such as wall voids.


A Bed Bug on a mattress

We offer whole house, room by room, and spot treatments to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Our inspection will help us determine how large and widespread the infestation is. At that point, we’ll make a recommendation about which type of treatment will be most effective for your particular situation.

We use a combination of insecticide dust and a residual liquid application when performing our treatment. This treatment combination kills some bed bugs immediately and remains effective for several weeks to eliminate others when they come in contact with the product.

Follow Up

A Bed Bug on a mattress

We recommend a total of three service visits for your bed bug control. Each of these services will include an inspection. If we find bed bug activity, we’ll perform another treatment. This way, we can eliminate all life stages of your bed bug infestation.

Total Bed Bug Protection in Monmouth County Starts here

You may not think of a pest control company when you think of having sweet dreams, but if bed bugs get into your house, Alliance Pest Services can ensure that those sweet dreams return sooner rather than later. Our bed bug control services will fully eliminate your bed bug infestation, allowing you to rest easy each night. To request your bed bug inspection, contact us today.

Is your property overrun with bed bugs? We can help!

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