Bed Bug Removal in Monmouth County and What you Need to Know

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Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. While the origin of this famous saying seems to be unknown, the statement itself is still as profound as the day it was created. Bed Bugs create sleepless nights and worrisome households. This common insect feeds on blood and is generally nocturnal. In short, if you have bedbugs, they will feed off of you while you sleep. Bed bugs are more common than most realize, once you discover them, immediate action is required to properly remove them. Alliance Residential Pest Services provides quality professional bed bug removal services in Monmouth County.

Bed bugs can arrive in your home in a variety of ways. Bed bugs and eggs can travel on other people. If you have a friend or family member visiting that was previously in an infested home, they may inadvertently bring them to your home during their visit. They can come in on their clothing, bags, purses, or luggage. This also holds true for furniture. If you are given or have purchased furniture from an infested home, they will continue to thrive in yours if allowed. If you live in a home that is connected to others such as a duplex or apartment complex, bedbugs can move between joined units. They will travel through vents and air ducts but most commonly through small spaces along floorboards. In these cases, bed bug removal Monmouth County technicians need to treat the infected unit as well as all surrounding units in order to properly kill all insects and prevent them from coming back.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, there are signs you can look for. Bed bug bites are the most obvious. However, it is important to realize that not all people react to bites the same way. A bite will resemble a large pimple and will almost appear as multiple bites arranged in a row.  The bites are from the bugs feeding on you at night. The size of the bite “bumps” will depend on the sensitivity of your skin. Bed bugs can be detected by their fecal matter as well as by bloodstains left after eating. Places to look for these include under the plastic end caps on the corners of mattresses and in dark corners under beds and in closets. They will feed and then return to these places to sleep. What you are looking for are areas with dark stains. This is fecal matter from areas where the bugs are resting. Bed bug removal in Monmouth County experts look for these areas as positive signs of infestation and to determine approximately how many bugs may be living in your home.

Bed bugs are more common than you may think and it is very easy to inherit an infestation. Without proper treatment, they will grow, feed and multiply. Our company has been in business since 1983 and has been the first to professionally service food and commercial industries. We provide full bed beg removal in Monmouth County with a crew of experienced technicians. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, contact us for advice and to learn what we can do for you at 888-904-7507.

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