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Customer satisfaction is the first component of a successful restaurant business. You may prepare the tastiest dishes, but nobody will eat if you have pests at your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you wonder, where can I find commercial pest control near me?

There are many reasons to consider commercial and residential pest control for your establishment. For starters, pests are destructive. Apart from burrowing into food wrappers, pests can chew power cables, increasing the risk of electrocution and fires.
These critters can contaminate food, exposing patrons and employees to diseases.

Your reputation is also at stake. Worst of all, the authorities may shut down your restaurant in the event of health complaints. Dissatisfied customers not only don’t return to your restaurant but leave negative reviews. The good news is that a quality commercial pest control company can handle infestations on your behalf.

What To Do About Pests In My Restaurant

Contact a quality commercial pest control company at the first sighting of unwanted creatures in your premises. Because pests spread rapidly, what seems like several bugs in your kitchen may turn into a full-blown infestation before you know it. Even if you do not see pests, routine inspections from commercial pest control services catch the problem before it gets out of control. You can also bring your staff on board. Your employees will help keep your establishment bug-free after the exterminator leaves.

Five Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

Pests will not disturb your peace if they cannot access your space. Here is how to prevent a pest invasion as a Monmouth restaurant owner.

  • Know Your Enemy: The commercial restaurant pest control method depends on the type of invaders on your property. This goes together with surveying the damage. You may not see any bugs or rodents, but you can inspect your premises for droppings, nests, and strange smells and sounds.
  • Clean Your Space: Even the smallest spills and crumbs are enough to attract pests. However, you cannot cook without leaving a mess. Moreover, your customers may spill food in the dining area. That’s why cleaning every part of your restaurant is necessary. You can start with equipment such as grills, refrigerators, ice machines, and deep fryers. Furthermore, you should consider wiping and vacuuming floors, chairs, tables, and worktops.  Another component of residential and commercial pest control is cleaning the bathrooms. You can prevent insects by scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, and wiping doors, windows, and walls.
  • Prevent Water Access: Because water aids pest survival, eliminating water sources makes your restaurant less appealing to these creatures. You can start by fixing water leaks and clearing stagnant water to stop mosquito breeding. Don’t forget to wipe water as soon as it spills.
  • Proper Garbage Disposal: Trash cans attract pests with their odor. You can keep your space pest-free by using plastic liners for indoor garbage cans and emptying the containers when they fill up. Additionally, use tight-fitting lids for garbage containers, ensuring outdoor trash cans are far from the establishment.
  • Correct Food Handling: Safe food practices prevent cross-contamination and keep away pests. That includes washing your hands and separating cooked food zones from raw food utensils. Furthermore, seal food packages to prevent pest access.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Commercial Pest Control

DIY restaurant pest control may be tempting, but these methods only waste your time. Thanks to their experience in commercial restaurant pest control, professional exterminators remove the creepy-crawlies from their hiding spots to restore your establishment’s normal operations.

DIY restaurant pest control is also expensive. Buying pesticides may seem cheaper than hiring an exterminator, but the products may not eliminate the pests permanently. On the other hand, commercial pest control services identify the pests before extermination begins. Professionals may even spot pests you didn’t know existed. DIY methods also pose health risks. You may leave pesticide traces after extermination, harming your customers and employees.

Commercial Pest Control In Oklahoma City You Can Trust

Ignoring your pest problem is the surest way to lose customers. Contact Alliance Pest Services today to get commercial pest control near me.

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