Fleas: How They Arrive & How to Get Rid Of Them

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Fleas are a common problem in many households. Homeowners are not always up to speed on how these pests can make their way into the home and do not have the experience and know how that it takes to remove them. In order to successfully avoid a flea infestation, it is important to know how they can come into your home and how to make them leave once they have arrived.

A flea needs to find a suitable host, a host that can provide them with regular blood meals. As such, the vast majority of fleas come into the home thanks to mammal hosts. Homeowners who also own cats and dogs are particularly susceptible to flea infestations. If you allow your cat or dog to roam outdoors on a regular basis, you are at much greater risk.

Younger fleas are microscopic and difficult to see with the naked eye. Even if the animal who brought them into your home is no longer present, the fleas are typically able to find new areas to spend their time in. In certain instances, a homeowner may not have a pet, which means that fleas have found another animal to feed on, such as a mouse or a rat.

The rat may be gone, but the fleas will remain, as they begin to feed on human hosts or household pets. Fleas can find cracks and crevices in the home’s walls or foundation and make a lasting home. A homeowner must always make sure that these holes and cracks are completely sealed, so that fleas are kept from entering the domicile.

While younger fleas are incredibly hard to see, an adult flea is much more visible. Since homeowners can see adult fleas more easily, this is when many will begin their flea eradication efforts in earnest. Homeowners who have fleas and leave the home for a long period will typically end up seeing them jumping all around the domicile, in search of a new blood meal.

The adult fleas are easily seen, but the eggs and larvae that they lay are not. These tend to be hidden in hard to reach places. The eggs that are laid represent a large portion of the home’s overall flea population, so it is crucial to hire a professional who can go into all of these nooks and crannies and eliminate the infestation.

If you are constantly scratching yourself or you notice that your pets are constantly scratching themselves, this usually means that fleas have made their way into your home. Bite marks that are itchy and do not go away should be checked by a medical professional, to ensure that they did not originate from fleas.

Flea dirt is another telltale sign of an infestation. This dirt has a similar appearance to ground black pepper and is often found in your pet’s bed or in the carpets. They do not tend to nest in human bedding, but can be found there if the host does not change their sheets or wash their linens regularly.

Once a homeowner is certain that their home is infested with fleas, it is time to contact a pest control professional for assistance in getting rid of them. There are a variety of over the counter products available to the consumer, but most of them will not be able to put a dent in your problem.

By contacting a professional, you are able to get to the root causes of any flea related issues. Over the counter products only treat the symptoms of a flea infestation, whereas a professional is able to treat the actual issue.

The professional can inspect every single area of the home where the fleas have nested and begin the process of controlling the population before it is too late. Reaching the eggs and larvae before they have had a chance to hatch is incredibly important and can be the difference between a smaller outbreak and a larger one.

Once the professional has had the chance to inspect the home and identify the problem areas, they will begin formulating a plan for how to get rid of the fleas. This includes identification of the particular species of flea, educating the homeowner about the flea’s behaviors and lifestyle, searching for hidden food sources and using an industrial strength vacuum to remove the eggs that have become nestled in the carpet and other hard to reach areas.

They are also responsible for providing helpful hints and tips as to how the homeowner can avoid future infestations. They will urge the homeowner to contact their veterinarian, so that their pets can be treated properly. They will recommended that you keep your pets bathed and groomed at all times, to avoid the onset of fleas. Their beds should also be washed and dried regularly. They can also advise you on flea growth inhibitors to safely use within the home.

While fleas are unable to fly, they are carriers of disease. That is why enlisting a professional so that they can aid you in coming up with a treatment that covers every necessary facet is so crucial. Relying on store bought products is usually only a temporary solution to what could become a permanent problem. There are physical steps that a homeowner needs to take, as well as chemical steps. The interior and exterior of your home must remain protected at all times. Speak to a professional as soon as possible.

Alliance Pest Services provides complete flea removal and treatment plans for all of flea and biting insect problems.  

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