How Bad Are Mosquitoes Going To Be This Season & What You Can Do About It

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It seems as if the sunny season has just begun, however, like many people, you have likely encountered one of the most frequent and devastating scourges of summer. Specifically, the mosquito is coming. Just like a lot of other bugs, mosquitoes have made any early entrance out upon the scene after a light winter and a wet and rain-soaked spring. This coming summer could be one of the worst yet for mosquitoes, so says the NPMA (National Pest Management Association). So have your mosquito repellent at the ready.

Worldwide, the disease borne by these summery pests kills more individuals than anything else on the planet. Elevating them from the status of an annoying pest to a deadly force of nature, so do not underestimate them. One of the main factors that lead to death from a mosquito bite is malaria. Mosquitoes however are carriers for more than just malaria, indeed they are host to a number of detrimental diseases. Some such ailments that can be inflicted by the mosquito are yellow fever and dengue fever, both of which can cause serious complications in humans.

Mosquitoes can also spread certain strains of encephalitis, which they commonly do in the US. Heartworms can also be carried and injected by the pest into the bloodstream of many common, and often, household animals. These unfortunate animals include cats and dogs, as well as some other mammals. So watch out for more than just your own skin.

Contrary to popular belief, blood, either from humans or any other animal, is not the mosquito’s primary source of food. Indeed, it is not even a source of food for the adult mosquito at all. Blood is only used as food for the female mosquitoes’ eggs, without which they would not be able to properly develop. There are about one hundred and seventy different kinds of mosquitoes spread out in North America. Many of these species have been brought in from other areas of the world by accident. The average life span of a female is about three to one hundred days. The male mosquito, in contrast, lives only about 10 to 20 days.

Mosquito Activity and Why This Season Will Be Once Of The Worse

Mosquito activity often increases during rainy seasons and states that monitor rainfall very closely is often much better at combating the pest as they know what to expect. Weather monitors will often, in these states, work very closely with local pest control experts to mitigate the damage done by the pests.

This summer, the number of disease-carrying insects has enormous potential for growth due to both the humidity and the heat. The wet spring did not help matters much either and you can be sure there are likely mosquitoes, even now, in larva form somewhere upon your property.

It is very important for people to take the necessary precautions to avoid potential infection. One can say that the insects are, “Peaking out early.” Mosquitoes are usually most bothersome around the Fourth of July, so keep that in mind when planning against them.

What You Should Be Wary of and What You Can Do to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The West Nile Virus is probably both the most well-known and also the disease likely to cause the most concern among Americans. West Nile is usually quite mild when contracted; the symptoms are initially so minuscule that they often are not even noticed. If they are noticed they are often interpreted as nothing more than summer flu. However, in rare cases, it can be fatal with symptoms ranging from infection, fever, aches and pains, weakness, disorientation, and, even more rarely, coma. If you have been exposed to mosquitoes recently and begin experiencing any of the above symptoms contact a doctor immediately.

To mitigate the possibility of mosquitoes this humid summer remove as much still water from around your home and advise your neighbors to do likewise as pools of still water is where the mosquitoes will be bred and reproduce. They do not need very much water so even thin areas of water, about one-half inch, can allow them into your yard.

Employing the use of screens on windows and doors will also mitigate mosquito invasion. But make sure it is a small mesh or the mosquitoes may be able to fit right through.

Do not venture out for prolonged periods of time when the insects are most active. This is typically between dusk and dawn. Also, when you do go out at these times, try to wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans or some other type of thicker, full-legged pants. Insect repellants, unpleasant to humans though they may be, are even more unpleasant to mosquitoes and thus very effective at keeping them at bay. If you do not like the store-bought repellants oil of lemon-eucalyptus is very effective and can be made quite easily. Garlic is often touted as a super mosquito repellant that is cheap and effective; sadly this just not factually true. Neither garlic nor noise-producing wards will much avail you against the mosquito menace this summer.

If even after these steps you continue to be harassed by mosquito activity you should consider contacting a pest control service in your surrounding area. Some also have mosquito’s abatement districts that you can contact so check to see if there is one near you.

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