The Signs That You May Have Pest Problems In Your Home

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Whether you are house hunting, you rent an apartment, or you own your home already it’s always good to where to look and the warning signs that you are in need of a pest control specialist. Depending on the pest it can be rather difficult to spot the problems. Here are some of the places to look and the warnings signs to look for to let you know that you need a pest control specialist. 

Some of the places to look for evidence of pests are obvious but most people don’t think about looking. Here is a list of places to look for pests.

  1. The kitchen – The first place to look for pests would be the kitchen. Pests of all kinds like to travel through the pipes which lead into the house. One of the reasons why people have pests to deal with is because the kitchen has the food and that’s what they are really looking for. Once inside the house those little things can hide anywhere. (Control E. P., 2015) 
  2. Any place there is appliances – The second places you want to check are rooms that have appliances. A basement, utility rooms, or laundry rooms are great places for pests to hide or enter the home. Just like the kitchen most appliances that have pipes that lead to the outside where they come from. (Control E. P., 2015)
  3. Your garage – This is the pit of destruction! Pests love the garage because this is the easiest place for them to get into. Some of the reasons why pests is because it is a great place to hide, it’s a warm place to stay, they can find things to eat, and it becomes a safe place to stay so that they don’t get eaten by other animals. Pests normally come in through the small open spots under the garage door. The best advice to keep them out is to close off any holes that lead to the outside. (Control E. P., 2015)

Now that you know where to look now it’s time to know warning signs that you might have a pest problem. Sometimes pests can be very sneaky and can hide really well but they always leave warning signs that you have a problem. Here are the warning signs to look for when trying to find out if there pests in your house.

  1. They cause damage – Probably the biggest warning signs that you have a pest problem in your house or apartment is they cause damage to everything. Any appliance or electronic device that has a wire plug will have holes in the insulation that protects the wiring. Your furniture will have scratches or holes in them. The last thing that will be damaged will be your baseboards. (Control E. P., 2015) (Control C. P., 2015)
  2. Your place becomes a pest’s bathroom – Once again pests are one of the best hiders on this planet but they do leave evidence behind. There are some pests that will leave droppings all over your place and turn your place into a bathroom. Sometimes the pests that you find in your home are insects. If this is the case they will leave wings that they have shed from their bodies or there will be dead insects all over the place. (Control E. P., 2015) (Control E. P., 2015)

Now that you have discovered that you have a pest problem there are several things that you can do to resolve this problem. You can take matters in your own hands and there are some DIY solutions to your problems or you can look online and call a pest control specialist. If you are thinking about taking things into your own hands here are ways that you can do to take care of the problem yourself. You can also make homemade traps for mice or rats. If those don’t seem to work then you can go to your nearest lawn and garden store where they well products to get rid of pests. There they will have products that may help solve your pest problems.  This method does get rid of pests if they are done correctly but it’s not a 100% guarantee that they are all gone and that they won’t come back. The step is to call a pest control specialist. Most of them will give you a free evaluation and estimate of how much it’s going to cost to take care of the job. Your local pest control specialist is trained in finding your pest, getting rid of them with poisons and traps, and keeping them from coming back. They are a great source of knowledge so they would be the best people to get tips and tricks on how to keep them out and if you do find them again, on how to get rid of them. (Control E. P., 2015) (Control C. P., 2015)

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