Various Types Of Pests You Can Find In New Jersey

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It can be frustrating to find creepy crawly insects in the home, either in the pantry or somewhere in the kitchen. New Jersey is renowned for various types of pests in the home. They are often difficult to get rid of. Not only will you come across them inside the home, but you may find insects as well as larger rodents and more dangerous animals outside of the home, which need to be dealt with. It is important to be aware of this, and make sure you take action as soon as this becomes a problem.

Here are a couple of pests that you come across in New Jersey

  • Carpet Beetles – These types of beetles can do a lot of damage they dig into the wool of your carpet. They begin to eat the material. They are small enough that you don’t notice them. Some of them are black and others have a speckled appearance. When you start to notice your woolen materials are becoming rugged, it is necessary to look into this and call in the experts.
  • Cockroaches – These are very common. Many folk say that cockroaches appear in the home when it has not been cleaned. However, this is not entirely true. Cockroaches can work their way up through the drains, and his can happen in any home. However, one does have to make sure that the surfaces are free from crumbs because they are attracted to leftover food. They are dangerous because they spread bacteria, and this can lead to different types of illnesses. The smaller cockroaches are more common. A pest control company can fumigate the home and eliminate these types of insects.
  • Weevils – This type of insect is often found in rice. This is why it is important to keep products like rice and flour in tightly sealed containers instead of open packets. They can also make their way into flour and other wheat products. Because they are so small, it can be difficult to spot them. They also multiply very quickly. They can work their way outside of these products and around the shelves in the kitchen, which can be a nightmare.
  • Bees – There are a variety of bees to be aware of in New Jersey as well. Some of these are more dangerous than others. For people who are allergic, it can be lethal. Most of them will only sting when they are threatened. However, they can be a nuisance when they form nests and colonies in the home. This can apply to the bumble bee. The honey bee is probably the one with the most lethal sting, which also attracts other insects. When they enter the home, they can stain the walls and ceilings. A pest control is not allowed to get rid of the bees, but only move them somewhere else.
  • Bed Bugs – These types of bugs can pose a big problem to the home owner because of the way they bury themselves into the furniture. They are most common in New Jersey as well as in New York. Often, you will find that they will make their entrance through the clothes you are wearing or through luggage items. It is important to find someone to get rid of this problem because of the damage that they do to your skin.
  • Termites  – Termites can also be a challenge because they work in a colony. There is one particular species which can only be found in New Jersey. It is important to look out for changes in the wood because this can happen very quickly, and one needs to deal with this quickly before it is too late. A pest control company has the experience to deal with all the correct methods.
  •  Rodents – Outside of the home, it is not uncommon to find rodents. A mouse, for example may seem cute running around on the patio, but it can do a lot of damage. They may build burrows in the lawn. They like to keep warm in the shed and there is chance that they will spread diseases. The rat can also carry a lot of diseases. Some of them burrow under the garage or logs of wood. There are traps available for these rodents, which often work very well.
  • Wildlife – There are a lot of animals which can also do a lot of destruction in the garden as well as around the home. Many of these animals have sharp teeth and can easily do damage to the roof as well as to other wooden materials. They can also become more dangerous when people are around as well as with children who want to pet a squirrel, for example. These animals carry diseases, so kids need to be made aware of these issues. Cats and dogs have been known to be bitten by snakes.

There are pest control companies who can help deal with a situation like this. It can be easier to eliminate one or two cockroaches in the home. However, dealing with chipmunks or snakes is something that you want to leave to the experts. The wilder animals are transferred somewhere else where they have freedom and they are able to remain in their own habitat away from the suburbs. Pest control companies also use various repellents which will sanitize the home and the garden. This will keep the wildlife from returning.

Alliance Pest Services provides pest control services for all bugs and wildlife.  

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