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Professional Pest Control For Brooklyn, NY Property Owners

As one of New York’s boroughs, Brooklyn offers residents a wide range of living opportunities. From suburban Canarsie to bustling downtown, there is no shortage of eclectic eateries, shops, and bars. There’s also no shortage of attractions, like the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and luscious outdoor greenspaces like Prospect Park. People of all ages and backgrounds flock to Brooklyn for everything that it offers, making it a cultural hub around the world. With its Mid-Atlantic location, Brooklyn will experience a chilly, snow-filled winter; a warm, muggy summer; and a temperate fall and spring that comes with a modest amount of rainfall. Because of these conditions, pests can become a problem in your home or business at any point. At Alliance Pest Services, we understand the importance of keeping your property free from pests no matter the season, which is why we base all of our treatments on Integrated Pest Management. With same-day services, free re-treatments for ongoing customers, and unmatched customer support, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and will always do whatever it takes to ensure that’s the case. For more information on our offerings and to receive your free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Brooklyn, NY

Whether you live in an apartment building or a house, pests can infiltrate your Brooklyn property at any given time. That’s why for decades, local homeowners have been turning to Alliance Pest Services for the safest, most reliable residential pest control around. As a family-owned and -operated business, we believe it’s always personal. This means that we will always strive to provide you with the highest level of service around. Our technicians are QualityPro certified and we follow strict Integrated Pest Management protocols in order to make this a reality. These methods allow us to not only get rid of active pest problems but also prevent them from returning. We provide homeowners with the following plans:

  • Umbrella Basic. If you’re looking to keep mosquitoes and ticks off of your property, this plan is for you. Our technicians utilize an Ultra-Low Volume Mist Blower during six seasonal treatments between April and September.

  • Umbrella Plus. With this mid-level plan, you’ll be protected from 25 common area pests including mosquitoes and ticks. We’ll apply six treatments between April and September, with additional service calls at no extra fee.

  • Umbrella Premium. If you’re looking for the ultimate level of protection, this is it. With this plan, you’ll receive six scheduled services between April and September, granular treatments, coverage from pests like cockroaches, stinging insects, and bed bugs, as well as additional service calls at no additional cost.

For information on our residential pest control services and how you can benefit from them, contact us today.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Doesn't
Work In Brooklyn

A Bed Bug with larvae next to it

Bed bugs are a pervasive problem in Brooklyn homes and businesses, and due to the sheer volume of comings and goings, DIY techniques simply don’t stand up. Bed bugs are not only spread through used furniture or wildlife problems (though those are in abundance in Brooklyn), but they can also be passed along from any contact with upholstered items. Some of the most common ways to pick up bed bugs and spread them come from simple things like taking the bus, going to the movies, seeing a basketball game, or staying at a hotel, all of which people in Brooklyn like to do. And getting rid of bed bugs on your own once you have an infestation can be costly and tedious, while also not guaranteeing a positive outcome. These pests can feel like an almost unavoidable issue in Brooklyn, which is why businesses and homeowners have been working with Alliance Pest Services for bed bug control for more than 35 years. We work tirelessly to protect local properties from the damaging effects of bed bugs through Integrated Pest Management measures. If you own a property in Brooklyn, our bed bug control services are invaluable. Contact us today to learn more about keeping bed bugs out of your property.

Flea & Tick Prevention Methods For Outside Brooklyn Homes

A Flea on a human body hair

Fleas and ticks may seem like country pests; however, they’re prevalent in Brooklyn neighborhoods from Greenpoint to Sheep’s Head Bay. Try these preventive measures in order to keep them away from your Brooklyn home:

  • If you have any cats or dogs, consider speaking with your veterinarian about year-round flea and tick control.

  • Keep any grass or greenery around your home trimmed and short.

  • Look to keep wildlife and rodents away from your property by always storing your trash bins securely.

  • Trim back any overhanging tree limbs, bushes, or other greenery.

  • Seal up any cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation.

  • Contact your local pest control professional for the most secure protection with professional flea and tick control.

For more information on keeping fleas and ticks away from your property, contact Alliance Pest Services today.

Commercial Pest Control In Brooklyn, NY

Protecting your Brooklyn business from pests is paramount, which is why at Alliance Pest Services, we’re committed to providing you with the very best service around. With decades of experience working with businesses big and small, there’s no problem that we can’t solve. Our technicians are all QualityPro and GreenPro certified and follow Integrated Pest Management procedures in order to find solutions that are reliable and that fit your needs. We begin every customer journey by going through your property together, in order to identify current problems as well as understand your goals in your own words. From there, we treat both the interior and exterior of your property to both eliminate present pests as well as prevent future issues from arising. We’ll then set a maintenance schedule customized to your goals that may be quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. When you partner with Alliance Pest Services for commercial pest control, we promise that you will always receive the highest level of care and attention in order to continue with business as usual. 

To learn more about how your business can benefit from our commercial pest control services, contact us today.

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