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In our area, we have a few mouse and rat species that find their way into our homes. If they get into yours, they can present a threat to your health and property. Here are five reasons you should call a pest professional when they do.
A Rat crawling underneath steps that go to a home
A Rodent sitting outside

1. Health Threat

We don’t want to scare you, but it is important that you understand the potential mice and rats have to expose you to harmful microorganisms. It isn’t their fault. Urban rodents find themselves in very dirty environments as they search for food options. They can get into trash, garbage piles, sewers, and more. Urban rodents also feed on things that can cause them to become contaminated, such as dead animals, rotting organic matter, and feces. Yes, as gross as it sounds, urban rodents feed on feces. It isn’t a preferred food source, but it works in a pinch.

When rodents get into your Monmouth County home, their fur is likely to be tainted from exposure to microorganisms. As they get into your stored foods and climb around in your cabinets, they can cause contamination.

2. Waste

Another direct health factor to consider is that mice and rats leave their waste products around your home. Tiny fecal pellets and drops of urine are left in drawers, cabinets, and other hidden places. Rodents also leave their waste where they sleep. This is another way their fur can become contaminated.  

3. Secondary Pests

Mice and rats don’t come into your home alone. Ever. Rodents pick up fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites. These bugs can present a secondary pest threat. You’re probably aware that ticks can carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and several other harmful diseases. Fleas can make you sick from Bartonella bacteria, murine typhus, tapeworm, and even the plague. Yes—that’s still a thing. People get the plague every year. Fortunately, it is now treatable.

4. Property Threat

There are a number of ways mice and rats can present a threat to your property. Some of them may surprise you. Here is a short list:

  • Rodents chew holes in stored furniture and nest inside.

  • Rodents chew fabrics, documents, books, wallpaper, and other items to gather materials for their nests.

  • Rodents chew holes to gain entrance to your property and this can allow rainwater to get in. The secondary impact of rainwater is mold, which can present a health threat. The direct impact of rainwater is rotting wood and other water damage. Holes that rodents chew in your exterior will also allow other pests to get inside, pests such as spiders, cockroaches, and centipedes.

  • Rodents chew on baseboards, sheetrock, and other building materials to create access holes.

  • Rodents are known to chew on wiring and gas lines. This can cause a fire within your walls. Experts believe that 20 to 25 percent of property fires that originate from an unknown source are likely to be caused by this type of damage.

5. It Is Difficult To Control Rodents

This is another important reason to have a professional take care of a rodent problem. It’s a lot of work, it is often specialized work, and there are many ways it can be done wrong. If you do it wrong, it will cost you, and rodents will be allowed to continue to present a threat to your health and property.

What Do Professionals Do?

  • A detailed inspection to look for signs of rodent activity and conducive conditions.

  • Select appropriate products to trap and remove all rodents.

  • Monitor the success of the trapping program.

  • Apply exclusions to the exterior of the property to prevent rodents from gaining entry.

  • Provide some pest maintenance to make the exterior less conducive to rodent activity.

  • Provide exterior trapping services to address higher than normal rodent pressures.

  • Offer helpful tips and information to give you what you need to deter rodents and prevent infestations.

Are you in our Monmouth County service area? If so, reach out to Alliance Pest Services and schedule a rodent control evaluation for your property. We’ll have a licensed pest control technician take a look at your issue and guide you in selecting the right plan based on the findings from your inspection. If money is tight, don’t worry. We work with you to get the best possible control of your rodent problem within your budgetary constraints. Here are a few things we may suggest:

  • Putting garbage in bags and storing bags in covered containers

  • Trimming tree branches away from your roofline

  • Putting wire mesh in your downspouts to prevent rodents from using your gutter system to access your roof

  • Applying caulking to gaps, holes, and cracks

  • Removing leaf litter, woodpiles, and other organic matter

  • Removing yard clutter

  • And more

Don’t let rodents present a threat to you and your property. Let the team here at Alliance Pest Services help you get control of those rodents. We can help!

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