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Professional Pest Solutions In Edgewater, NJ

Located right across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Edgewater is a lightly populated borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. But while Edgewater proper may only have a few thousand residents, it’s surrounded by a whole lot of human activity. This, coupled with the fact that port cities are always at a higher risk of pest activity, means that local property owners need to know how to reduce the likelihood of an infestation. With help from pest control experts, the process is made simple, and you get the best guarantee of protection.

Home Pest Control In Edgewater, NJ

Pest activity in and around your home can be incredibly disruptive and even dangerous. Pests carry diseases, contribute to property damage, and are generally problematic when you want your home to be safe and relaxing. That’s why it’s essential to get started on residential pest control early, preventing infestations before they can begin and present more significant problems. At Alliance Pest Services, we use broad-spectrum insecticides and seasonally rotating granular baits to address all kinds of pests through these service packages:

  • Umbrella Basic: Our basic plan offers protection against mosquitoes and ticks, keeping these harmful parasites out of your yard.
  • Umbrella Plus: Our next plan protects against 25 different types of pests, including mosquitoes and ticks, but also against pests like ants, rodents, and yellow jackets. With so many other seasonal pests to watch out for, this is the most cost-effective way to ensure no pests ever threaten your home.
  • Umbrella Premium: Our most comprehensive plan offers all the protection of our Plus plan with the added benefit of protecting against bed bugs. As some of the toughest pests to eliminate, this service is crucial if you have a bed bug infestation.

Protect your home against all kinds of pests with the proven residential pest control solutions offered by Alliance Pest Services. Contact us today to get started. 

The Secret To Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Edgewater Yard

A Wasp on a tree branch

No one wants stinging pests buzzing around their yard, but it’s pretty much a yearly occurrence for property owners. Stinging pests become active in the spring and summer, so if you aren’t prepared ahead of time with proper pest control assistance from experts, you can wind up with a colony in your yard. Here are ways to prevent wasps in your yard, rather than focusing solely on wasp removal once they are already there.

  • Landscaping: Wasps like yards that provide them with many anchorage points to build their nests on and land to rest. That means trees, bushes, and tall grasses, so proper landscaping is important for pest prevention.
  • Moisture Control: Yards with puddles or water features are also automatically more attractive to pests, so you should consider addressing these elements, too.
  • Professional Assistance: The best way to ensure protection against wasps is with treatments from professionals, which ward off bugs from your property before they can settle in and become dangerous.

If stinging pests are already in your yard, get wasp removal services from Alliance Pest Control instead of trying to handle these dangerous pests on your own. 

The Best Way To Protect Your Edgewater Home From Summer Mosquitoes

A mosquito on a human's skin
Mosquitoes are a pest that’s plagued just about every homeowner at one time or another. They are attracted to human yards and households because they feed off our blood, so anywhere there are people, mosquitoes are bound to show up at some point. That’s why it’s important to get started on mosquito control early, not wait for them to already be in your yard before you think about addressing them. At Alliance Pest Services, we provide targeted solutions that remove and protect against mosquitoes. This proactive approach protects you against their bites and, more importantly, the pathogens they can infect you with through them. Don’t let mosquitoes become a dangerous nuisance for your Edgewater home, turn to the experts at Alliance Pest Services for proper mosquito control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Edgewater, NJ

Managing a business comes with a lot of responsibility. There’s the financial duties you have to ensure that your business is profitable, plus there’s the responsibility to the health of your employees and customers in maintaining a clean and healthy property. That’s precisely why proper commercial pest control is so important. Businesses have to look out for the serious property damage, and health effects pest populations can have on a property. Smart business owners partner with pest control experts to ensure infestations are never a problem. Here’s how Alliance Pest Services can help:

  • Inspection: Our first step is to do a thorough walkthrough and inspection of your property. We make a note of any pest activity, as well as factors that may be drawing it to your business.
  • Treatment: Then, we implement a commercial pest control plan that works for your business. Whether you need removal or prevention, we’re here to help.
  • Follow-up: We maintain communication with our clients to ensure that pest concerns are properly addressed and never a problem again.

Get started protecting your Edgewater business from pests by contacting Alliance Pest Services today. 

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