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Professional Pest Solutions In Edison, NJ

The town of Edison bears the name of one of the most influential inventors in history and continues to be at the forefront of many industries. Many publications have also recognized it for its livability and accompanying qualities that attract people.

Edison is home to many animals and insects that sometimes find their way inside houses and businesses. While many pests are nuisances because they don’t cause damage or pose health concerns, plenty is dangerous. No matter what kind of pest you are dealing with, it should be taken seriously and removed immediately.

Alliance Pest Services should be your go-to for Middlesex County pest control, whether you own a commercial or residential property. We offer unmatched customer service and customized pest control solutions that are not just one-size-fits-all methods that many other companies use.

Home Pest Control In Edison, NJ

The last thing anyone wants to do is deal with pest infestations. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Edison homes. From ants to rodents and everything in between, pests can be a big problem, bringing disease, parasites, and other issues. Let Alliance Pest Services provide you with reliable pest control to protect your home from these critters.

Our residential pest control clients begin with an inspection by one of our trained technicians to identify entry points on the exterior of the property and any pest activity on the interior. This inspection is essential to providing the customized treatments we offer.

Whether you have an active infestation or want to prevent one from happening, call Alliance Pest Services!

Problems Associated With Pest Birds Edison Residents May Not Think About

Two pigeons on a wood porch

Birds are a common sight on most Edison properties. Because of this, many people forget that birds are pests and can cause problems, which include:

  • Contamination with droppings and spreading diseases can make people sick.
  • The spreading of parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites.
  • Bird droppings are acidic and corrosive, so they can eat away and cause damage to the surfaces they cover.
  • Clogging gutters, drains, vents, and chimneys with nests.
  • Damaging gardens, trees, and other foliage.

If you are dealing with these problems on your Edison property, you should call us at Alliance Pest Services. We use several bird control methods depending on the type of bird. These methods include food reduction, tension wire, ultrasonic sound devices, bird spikes, and more!

Contact our experts at Alliance Pest Services to have one of our service technicians come and inspect your property to identify your bird problem and implement the necessary bird control treatments.

Everything You Need To Know About Rodents In Edison, New Jersey

House mouse crawling

While rodents are common home-invading pests, many homeowners know little about them.

Here are is everything you should know:

  • Mice and rats are the most common home invaders. However, they rarely ever infest at the same time because of how territorial they are.
  • They can squeeze through tiny holes, about the size of a penny for rats and a dime for mice.
  • Rodents are dangerous pests because they spread diseases and parasites and cause contamination.
  • They need to chew to prevent their teeth from overgrowing constantly, so they can cause a lot of damage to the properties they infest. This damage can include chewing through pipes and wires, leading to flood and fire hazards.
  • Rodents are challenging to eliminate because they are quick reproducers, opportunistic, and intelligent. So store-bought baits and traps are often ineffective against them.
  • You may not see these pests right away but may notice signs such as droppings, grease marks, and chew marks on food packaging.

If you have a rodent problem in your home, you should contact us at Alliance Pest Services. Our rodent control process includes a detailed inspection, implementation of treatment methods that are right for your needs, and follow-up to ensure your rodent problem is gone.

Commercial Pest Control In Edison, NJ

People who own or run businesses already have a lot to oversee. Adding pest control to the long list of responsibilities would make it challenging to give pest problems the attention they require to eliminate them effectively. Luckily, commercial properties in Edison can look to Alliance Pest Services for all their pest control needs.

We offer our services to many types of facilities, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Property Management
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Schools
  • Retail

We understand that every commercial property is unique, so we provide personalized solutions that meet the needs of each client. We achieve this by starting with a detailed inspection to identify all pest-related issues and any pest pressures you may face. Our commercial pest control services are not only to get rid of active infestations but to keep new ones from happening.

Call us at Alliance Pest Services to learn more about our commercial property offerings and how you can get started with the pest control you need!

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