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Professional Pest Control For Gloucester County, NJ Property Owners

Located along the Delaware River, Gloucester County includes towns such as Monroe, South Harrison, and Glassboro, all of which offer their residents a typical suburban life. Given its close proximity to Philadelphia, Gloucester County is an ideal location for individuals who commute but who also appreciate a calmer pace of life. This part of the state will see four main seasons, with a temperate fall and spring, chilly and snowy winter, and a warm, humid summer. These conditions, however, are also ideal for common area pests like termites, mosquitoes, rodents, and more who seek to enter your home or business.

For more than 40 years, Alliance Pest Services has been providing homeowners and businesses with reliable and comprehensive pest control. No matter the scope or size of your needs, we always aim to see the situation from your perspective. We customize every treatment to your unique needs and are able to create sustainable solutions to all of your pest problems. Contact us today for more information on how you can keep pests off of your property. 

Home Pest Control In Gloucester County, NJ

At Alliance Pest Services, we know how stressful it can be to have a pest infestation present in or around your home. But that’s why we’re here. It’s our main goal to restore your peace of mind through safe and effective home pest control solutions. From start to finish, we will work alongside you to develop the right course of action. We follow an Integrated Pest Management protocol, which is the gold standard in pest control, as it seeks to get to the root cause of your issues in the safest way possible. This way you never have to worry about whether or not our treatments will irritate your allergies or be harmful to your pets; all you have to think about is being pest-free. Contact us today for more information and to get started with your initial inspection.

What Not To Do If You Are Seeing Signs Of Termites Around Your Gloucester County Property

A termite crawling on wood

Termites are one of the most costly pests that Gloucester County property owners can expect to encounter. They’re attracted to varying kinds of wood, which can include mulch piles, yard debris, and interior or exterior wood that has been made vulnerable due to water damage. Then, termites chew through the wood in and around your property 24/7 and the damage they cause can often go undetected because they tend to work in areas where either people can’t reach or can’t see. Their damage can include bubbling wallpaper, hollow-sounding walls, tiny pinholes in your walls, and a musty odor. That’s why the worst thing you can do if you notice any of the signs of termite damage is to ignore it.

Termites have the ability to ruin the structural integrity of your property and the longer you let them work, the more problems they’ll cause. Additionally, termite colony sizes can range anywhere from 60,000 to two million depending on the species, so the removal and rectification of a problem is truly best left to the professionals. For total protection against termites, contact the pros at Alliance Pest Services today. 

Five Tips For Keeping Your Gloucester County Property Ant-Free

An Ant crawling on the inside of a pink and orange flower
Ants are a nuisance, and while they don’t pose an immediate health threat, they are an unwanted, unsightly sight. Here are a few tips for keeping them out of your Gloucester County property:
  1. Seal up your home. Ants can get through the smallest of openings in and around your property. Use materials like caulk, weatherstripping, and door sweeps to keep your home safe.
  2. Keep your food and trash stored securely. One of the things that ants seek the most is your food, so always keep it stored in airtight containers and avoid leaving leftovers out on the counter. When it comes to trash, using a bin with a secure lid.
  3. Address moisture issues. Another thing that ants seek is a water source, so rectify any issues with moisture like leaky faucets, pipes, toilets, bath tubs, and shower heads.
  4. Always clean up. While ants primarily come into your home seeking food and water, they may easily mistake spilled soap and shampoo for sugary foods. Regardless of your spill, always wipe down the surfaces in your home or building.
  5. Contact the pros. The truth is, preventing ants is difficult because so much of what attracts them is intertwined with our daily lives. That’s why for the best protection against ants, contact a professional exterminator.
When it comes to keeping ants off of your property, contact Alliance Pest Services today!

Commercial Pest Control In Gloucester County, NJ

When pest infestations happen in a place of business, they are a health risk and can cost you your reputation and lost business. That’s why Alliance Pest Services is here. We’re focused on working with businesses to protect them from the most invasive of pests, like termites, rodents, cockroaches, and more. We’re able to accomplish this goal through the utilization of Integrated Pest Management, which is the highest quality method of pest control around. It means that we’re dedicated to getting at the true cause of your problems, using minimal chemicals, and creating long-lasting results in the process. With more than 40 years of experience servicing businesses, our team of expert technicians is ready to meet even the strictest of your industry’s requirements. Contact us today to get started keeping your property pest-free with our commercial pest control services.

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