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Professional Pest Control For Hunterdon County, NJ Property Owners

Situated near the border of Pennsylvania, Hunterdon County is comprised of towns that offer good school systems, strong infrastructure, rural features with city amenities, as well as lots of local businesses to patronize. With its close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City, this New Jersey suburb is an ideal location for both individuals and families. This part of the state will experience four seasons, ranging from a chilly winter to a warm summer. While these conditions are preferred by many, they’re also highly attractive to common area pests like rodents, wildlife, spiders and more. 

Since 1983, Alliance Pest Services has made it our goal to treat everyone like family by providing them the highest quality pest control that they can count on. It’s our main mission to embody our clients’ needs so that we can best be of service to you today and going forward. But utilizing only the safest products and an Integrated Pest Management protocol, we deliver actual results that never put your safety at risk. Contact us today for more information on how you can keep pests off of your property. 

Home Pest Control In Hunterdon County, NJ

Since our inception in 1983, it’s been our mission at Alliance Pest Services to treat our residential clients like family, being your advocate during some of the most stressful situations. That’s why we’re dedicated to making every step of the process seamless, from our communications to scheduling follow-up service. We utilize only the safest protocol and Integrated Pest Management methodologies to understand the root cause of an infestation and treat it in a way that is as minimally invasive as possible. And when deciding what treatments are right for your home, we’ll design a plan that is customized specifically to your needs. Contact us today for more information on keeping pests out of your home. 

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents On Your Hunterdon County Property

House Mouse surrounded by leaves

Rodents may look cute and fuzzy, but they can wreak havoc on your Hunterdon property in a matter of weeks if you let them. They squeeze through small openings in your home or building’s foundation and get to work. Here are a few reasons why you should always call the pros:

  • Diseases and viruses. Something as simple as leaving behind droppings, urine, or saliva can easily spread salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia, which are all dangerous for humans.

  • Structural damage. Because rodents need to gnaw and chew all of the time to keep their incisors from overgrowing, they will chew on anything from walls to electrical wires to your personal belongings

  • Infestation size. Both rats and mice breed rather quickly, and in the case of mice, it’s alarmingly so. Mice, for example, can reproduce in the ballpark of 120 pups a year, which means that they breed about every month. This means that you could have a full-blown infestation in a matter of weeks, making it infeasible to catch every single mouse in your house.

For the safest form of protection against rodents, contact the pros at Alliance Pest Services for more information. With over 30 years of experience, we’re the team you count on. We offer free quotes, so don’t hesitate. Protect your home today. 

How To Spot Termite Problems In & Around Your Hunterdon County Home

A termite crawling on wood

Termites are one of the most costly pests that American homeowners will face on any given year, with the average homeowner spending thousands of dollars to rectify the damage. When it comes to termites, prevention is very important, as is being able to spot the signs. Here are a few ways to tell if you might have a termite problem on your Hunterdon property:

  • Bubbling wallpaper or paint

  • A musky odor

  • Swollen wood floors or door jams

  • Tiny holes in your walls

  • Piles of discarded wings or frass, which is termite excrement that resembles sawdust

  • Swarmers themselves

Protecting your Hunterdon home from termites is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. Whether you’re looking to be proactive or require the safe and thorough removal of a termite colony, contact the professionals at Alliance Pest Services today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Hunterdon County, NJ

At Alliance Pest Services, we seek to ensure that the businesses of Hunterdon County remain safe and free from pests to better protect the community and ensure the structural stability of your building. Every customized treatment plan that we develop utilizes Integrated Pest Management tools so that we can not only get to the root cause of your problems but also prevent them from recurring, restoring your peace of mind. All of our pest-specific or prevention plans are conducted with the utmost safety and adherence to your industry’s specific requirements. Our commercial services include: bat removal, control for bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, birds, and flies, as well as Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) Inspections. Contact us today for more information on how we can keep pests out of your business. 


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