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Professional Pest Solutions In Lakewood, NJ

With a history that dates all the way back to 1789, Lakewood was once a dense, forested area. But today, it’s a thriving community that’s even home to the Garden State Parkway. Unfortunately, Lakewood is also home to plenty of New Jersey’s most dangerous and destructive pests. 

That’s where Alliance Pest Services can help. Here’s what Lakewood residents should know about residential and commercial Ocean County pest control, how you may be wrong about bed bugs, and how to tell if the ants in your home are dangerous. 

Home Pest Control In Lakewood, NJ

Serving areas like Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Alliance Pest Services has three major home pest control plans to choose from: Umbrella Basic, Umbrella Plus, and Umbrella Premium. Regardless of which plan you choose, we’ll always offer year-round coverage, additional service calls that come at no extra cost to you, and six scheduled visits to make sure we completely eliminate your pest problem. 

From bed bugs to ticks and mosquitoes, we can treat over 26 different types of pests in Lakewood. 

How You May Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Lakewood

A Bed Bug crawling on a sheet

There are plenty of misconceptions floating around about bed bugs in Lakewood – and it’s important to separate fact from fiction. 

Do bed bugs only invade dirty homes? One of the most common misconceptions that people make about bed bugs is that you’ve only got to worry about them if you have a dirty home. Although some pests may be more likely to infest poorly maintained homes because it means easier access to food and water, bed bugs aren’t interested in your leftovers. 

Bed bugs feast on human blood, and they’re just as likely to invade clean homes as they are dirty ones. Having a bed bug infestation isn’t a result of your housekeeping skills, and keeping a clean home won’t necessarily prevent bed bugs

Do bed bugs travel on clothes? Bed bugs aren’t interested in dirty homes, so how do they pick which homes they’d like to infest? As it turns out, bed bugs are one of the few pests that get around by hitching a ride on people and our belongings. These critters are also called parasitical hitchhikers and get from one place to another by climbing onto your luggage, bags, clothing, or other personal items. 

However, bed bugs are more likely to cling to your suitcases or luggage than they are to your clothes. Since humans move around a lot, using clothing doesn’t give bed bugs the best hiding spots – but they may still use clothing if they have no other choice. 

To pick up bed bugs and bring them into your home, you have to travel to a place where there’s an existing bed bug infestation. This could be a hotel, airport, train station, or even a friend’s house. Any place where there’s regular human activity has the potential to house bed bugs, and some of these critters may follow you back home. 

Are These Ants Around My Lakewood Home Dangerous?

An ant on a twig

At first glance, ants may not seem like a lot of trouble, but controlling these pests can be challenging, especially for the types that are common to the Lakewood area. New Jersey homeowners frequently encounter the following types of ants:

  • Odorous house ants: These are the most common (and hard to control) ants you’ll find in your home as they’re drawn to moisture and sugar.
  • Carpenter ants: As their name suggests, carpenter ants like to make their homes in damaged, rotten wood, and they can cause significant structural damage to your house.
  • Pharaoh ants: With a yellow-orange color, pharaoh ants are easier to identify, and they can be dangerous. Pharaoh ants spread dangerous bacteria and they can contaminate your food making you sick.

Whether you’re dealing with a nuisance ant or one that’s more dangerous, contacting the pros at Alliance Pest Services will always be the most effective way to get rid of them for good – as well as any other pests that may try to invade your Lakewood property. Call us today to find out more about our services. 

Commercial Pest Control In Lakewood, NJ

With a free, no-obligation quote, we understand how sensitive pest problems can be for Lakewood businesses. We tackle pest control for commercial properties in three major steps:

  • An interior and exterior inspection of your property
  • A treatment plan that includes integrated pest management techniques
  • Follow-up services to ensure your business is and will stay completely pest-free.

These visits include treatments for both interior and exterior parts of your commercial property. We will eliminate current issues and help you protect your business from future threats. 

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