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Professional Pest Control For Marlboro, NJ Property Owners

Marlboro, NJ is located within Monmouth County and is part of the greater New York Metropolitan area. With so many homes, businesses, and pockets of nature available, it’s not surprising the need for residential and commercial pest control services is so high.

At Alliance Pest Services, our mission is to offer the quickest and safest pest control solution in New Jersey. Whether you are having problems with pests in your yard or your business is being overrun, our team is here to take care of your needs. Each solution we offer is backed by top-notch safety standards, five-star customer service, and of course, the best treatment possible. Call us today to explore your pest control options.

Home Pest Control In Marlboro, NJ

Homes are meant to be a place that’s safe for you and your loved ones. With pest infestations, this feeling is impossible to maintain. While you can try tackling the problem yourself, there’s no substitute for effective residential pest control by trained professionals when it comes to your peace of mind. At Alliance Pest Services, we use Integrated Pest Control (IPM) techniques, instead of just spraying our solutions haphazardly.

As such, our expert knowledge of pests local to the area means your pest problem is handled today and prevented from happening in the future. We take your safety seriously, which is instead of potentially hazardous pesticides, we use more natural solutions without compromising on the results you need. Every pest solution we provide is done with the intent of it being permanent, so you can enjoy pest-free living sustainably. If you’re ready for truly effective home pest control, call our team at Alliance Pest Services for the solution you’ve always needed.

Will Do It Yourself (DIY) Flea And Tick Solutions Work In Marlboro Yards?

A Tick crawling on human skin

Whether it’s a flea or a tick, the result is the same. That result is a serious risk to the health of your pets and other people on the premises. Fleas and ticks transmit a range of diseases. from Lyme disease to anaplasmosis. When untreated, the consequences are severe and can even lead to death.

Naturally, you’re likely thinking of getting a head start with some DIY solutions. However, they don’t work well enough to justify the time and expense. While there are some basics like maintaining the yard, keeping flea and tick medicine updated for your pets, and taking the proper precautions when outside, they only address the problem on an individual basis.

Fleas and ticks are hitchhikers, which means any other animal they can cling to, they will and can eventually get inside one way or another. For this reason, it’s always better to invest in professional tick control services.

If you suspect a flea or tick infestation, then call our team at Alliance Pest Services today to explore your flea and tick control options.

Rodent Control: The Most Effective Strategies For Marlboro Properties

House mouse crawling

Nothing creates more frustration and a sense of defeat than an active rodent infestation. Not only do rodents damage your property, but they also transmit diseases. To make matters worse, they reproduce rapidly, which means that small rodent issue you have just became a huge rodent problem.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can implement to stay ahead of potential rodent infestations such as:

  • Water Control: Since rodents are mammals, they require water to live. More importantly, it needs to be readily accessible. By addressing water sources such as leaking pipes, standing water, or even clogged gutters, you take the first step towards keeping the rodents away.
  • Seal The Building: Rodents can squeeze through extremely tiny holes, which means even the smallest opening is fair game. Use a combination of silicone caulk and steel wool to keep this pest out of your building.
  • Food Management: Besides water, rodents love food. Crumbs on the ground or food left out on the counter equal a rodent infestation on your hands. Don’t let this happen to you by taking the time to clean up any messes and properly storing your food.

If you suspect a rodent infestation, then call our team at Alliance Pest Services today to explore your rodent control options. Getting you back to pest-free is our goal.

Commercial Pest Control In Marlboro, NJ

Pest control for a commercial property is different than it is for a residential property, as it should be. While running your business, you have other things going on that need to be accounted for, so you can keep operations running smoothly while getting the results you need.  For this reason, we work with you to identify what you’re experiencing as we perform a thorough inspection of the premises at the same time. Only when we’ve completed our inspection do we get to work.

While performing the necessary treatment, we take into account things like foot traffic, peak operating hours, and other factors that affect your business. Business stops for no one, which is why our service specialists are available 24/7 (including nights and weekends) for immediate emergency service. All of our commercial pest service specialists are licensed, insured and background checked. Call us today at Alliance Pest Services to explore your commercial pest control options for a better pest-free future.

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