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Pest Control In Morris County, NJ

Located 30 miles west of New York City, Morris County, NJ, has a total population of just over half a million residents, making it one of the most populous counties in the state. Morris County not only offers excellent school systems to families, but the economy is also booming. Many major corporations plan on moving their headquarters or other major facilities here. Unfortunately, whenever human populations gather in close quarters, the pest populations also begin to rise. At Alliance Pest Control, we will meet Morris County pest control needs. Read on to learn how we can keep both your home and businesses pest-free today!

Residential Pest Control In Morris County

The experts at Alliance Pest Services have been keeping Morris County homes free from pests since 1983. Over the past nearly 40 years, we have developed an intimate familiarity with every type of pest in the county, and our residential pest control services deal with each one of them. Over this time, we developed a robust and proven plan of action to get a clear picture of your infestation and deal with it efficiently. Your technician will:

  • Start by completing a thorough inspection of your home’s interior and exterior.
  • Design a treatment plan that is customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Provide follow-up services to ensure your home stays pest-free.

At Alliance Pest Services, we take pride in our ability to quickly and efficiently handle any pest problem. Whether you’re looking for help with a specific pest problem or you want general coverage for your home, we have a residential pest control program for you. Give us a ring today for help keeping your home safe!

Is Professional Mosquito Treatment Right For My Morris County Home?

a mosquito on a wooden branch

It’s important to keep mosquitoes away from your home for many reasons, but many people wonder if professional treatment for the mosquitoes in their yard is the right option. 

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can do more harm than just being annoying. Below are some of the reasons having professional treatment would benefit you and your family:

  • They spread diseases: It is no secret that mosquitoes are vectors for many harmful illnesses. In Morris County, the mosquitoes buzzing in your yard could infect you and your family with malaria, dengue fever, or yellow fever, which are all incredibly harmful diseases.
  • They can cause Skeeter Syndrome: In addition to all the other health problems they can cause, mosquitoes can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals. When an individual has Skeeter Syndrome, they will be susceptible to mosquito bites and develop a fever.
  • They lay eggs almost anywhere: Many people think home remedies for mosquitoes will do the trick and keep these pests out of their yard, but because they are so resourceful, these home remedies for mosquitoes rarely work.

Alliance Pest Services specializes in professional and effective treatments that keep mosquitoes away from your yard and home. If you want to enjoy some outdoor time this summer, uninterrupted by disease-carrying insects, give us a call!

When To Expect The Return Of Stinging Insects In Morris County

A Stinging insect

There are many types of stinging insects here in Morris County, and the time of year where they make their appearance is drawing near. Bees and wasps emerge in the late spring and will be out in full force by summer. To prepare for their arrival, it’s important to know what all types of stinging insects to your home:

  • Flowers: Virtually all stinging insects are heavily attracted to flowers. If these plants are close to your house, this will draw them right up to your front porch. The more you grow in your garden, the more you’ll run into these pests.
  • Sweet-smelling things: Whether this scent comes from the flowers or your garbage, any time there is a sweet-smelling aroma in the air, it is a homing light for these insects. Many will come from quite far away to get to the source of that sweet odor.
  • They indicate an infestation of other insects: Wasps like to feed on other insects. Should you have another insect problem in your yard, you are more likely to develop a wasp infestation.

For help preparing for the stinging insect season, give Alliance Pest Control a call. Our expert technicians will implement proven prevention strategies to keep your home nest-free this summer. Contact us to get started. 

Commercial Pest Control In Morris County

Keeping Morris County’s economy up and running is among Alliance Pest Service’s top priorities. To meet the growing needs for commercial pest control services, we have expanded our pest control services to the following types of establishments:

  • Housing authorities
  • Municipal facilities
  • Property management
  • Restaurants
  • Retail food industry
  • Schools

Our commercial pest control services keep in mind the specific regulations that your industry has. We employ Integrated Pest Management strategies to cut down on the use of chemicals in your establishment. Additionally, we offer emergency services because we know pests don’t wait to cause problems during core business hours. Give us a call for fast, safe, and effective help with your business’s pest issue.

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