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Safe And Efficient Pest Control Services In Point Pleasant, NJ

Point Pleasant is a township in Ocean County known for its cool winters and warm, pleasant summers. Although many people are proud to call this area home, no one likes dealing with the wide variety of pests that also live in our area. When pests threaten to take over your Point Pleasant home or business, you can’t go wrong with a little help from the licensed professionals here at Alliance Pest Services. Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and effective pest control solutions for residents in Point Pleasant and throughout the Monmouth County area. With over 30 years of experience controlling and treating pest problems, we are the right choice for all of your commercial and residential pest control needs. Don’t wait for rodents and insects to infest your Point Pleasant property and get in the way of your quality of life. Instead, work with Alliance Pest Services to receive ongoing pest management services that get the job done right.

Home Pest Control In Point Pleasant, NJ

As a homeowner, protecting your Point Pleasant home and family from harm is your number one goal. But when dangerous and destructive pests take over your residential property, they threaten the security of your home and the safety of your family. To fight back against pest problems, you need an ongoing home pest control plan. At Alliance Pest Services, we provide excellent residential pest control treatments designed to eliminate existing pest threats and prevent them from reoccurring. Whether you’re looking for generalized services or treatments to target a specific pest problem, you can count on the professionals at Alliance Pest Services to deliver. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pest problems in your Point Pleasant home, turn to Alliance Pest Services today. We’re ready to find the perfect treatment for your pest control needs.

Bed Bug Control: What Point Pleasant Residents Need To Know

a bed bug on furniture next to its larvae

Bed bug infestations have been an increasing problem for homeowners over the past 20 years. When it comes to dealing with bed bugs in your home, there are a few things you should know.

  • Bed bugs are annoying insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals, though they have a strong preference for human hosts.
  • Bed bugs are not dangerous and pose no real health threats, but they can still cause many problems when they invade, such as restlessness, frustration, stress, and a lack of sleep.
  • Bed bug infestations are often difficult to identify. Bed bugs have flat, oval bodies that allow them to squeeze into hard-to-reach places. They often hide inside electrical outlets, under flooring, behind wallpaper, and in furniture.

If you believe bed bugs are living in your Point Pleasant home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alliance Pest Services today.

Cockroaches & The Dangers They Bring To Point Pleasant Residents

side profile of a cockroach

Cockroaches are large, oval insects that come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their species. Point Pleasant is home to quite a few different cockroach species, including American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and smokey brown cockroaches. Cockroaches thrive in warm, moist environments where they can find plenty of food. They often gravitate toward properties that have moisture problems, such as leaking pipes and fixtures. Unfortunately, cockroaches are disturbing pests that pose several health risks to humans.

These common pests feed on a variety of unsanitary materials, picking up harmful bacteria in the process. When cockroaches invade your Point Pleasant home, they bring that bacteria with them, contaminating every surface and food item they come across. Cockroaches spread a wide variety of diseases, including cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, dysentery, and diarrhea.

When it comes to dealing with cockroaches in your Point Pleasant property, it’s important to reach out to the professionals at Alliance Pest Services. We have the experience and commitment needed to deliver excellent results every time. No matter what type of pest problem you’re dealing with, we can help.

Give us a call today for more information about our cockroach control options or to get started on your first treatment.

Commercial Pest Control In Point Pleasant, NJ

Running a successful business is no easy task. Especially when pests are a part of the equation. Pests damage important equipment, spread dangerous diseases, contaminate products, and scare your customers. To protect your customers, property, and reputation from unwanted pests, the professionals from Alliance Pest Services provide year-round commercial pest control solutions. We have a deep understanding of area pests and how to keep them away from your commercial facility. With our skilled technicians by your side, you can rest assured that your Point Pleasant business remains free of pests throughout the entire year. Don’t wait for pests to destroy your property and drive away your loyal customers. Instead, reach out to Alliance Pest Services for excellent commercial pest control solutions you can trust.

Five Easy & Effective Ant Control Tips For Point Pleasant Property Owners

Ant problems are common for Point Pleasant property owners, but with a little effort, they can be avoided. Try these five easy and effective tips to keep ants away today:

1. Clear up the yard. A good first place to start is an assessment of the yard. Are the gutters clogged with leaves? Is there an abundance of yard clutter like tree branches and trimmings? If so, eliminate all of these things for a neat and tidy property that’s less alluring to ants.

2. Deal with water issues. Ants are easily attracted to drips and leaks, which is why it’s important to always shut off sinks and showers after using them, fix problematic pipes when they appear, and keep downspouts in good condition.

3. Be serious about cleanliness. One of the most enticing things to ants is food, especially if it’s sweet, so get rid of overly ripe fruits, take out the trash often, and clean up soap spills.

4. Practice proper food storage. While it’s important to be tidy about food, keeping food items in airtight containers is just as important. Use these storage options for leftovers and snacks.

5. Call the pros. The most reliable way to keep ants out of a property is with routine services from a trusted pest control professional. We’ll bait and eliminate ants safely while also offering a barrier of protection from new issues.

For more information on ant control, call Alliance Pest Services today. 

Are Bats In Point Pleasant Dangerous?

Bats are notorious for roosting in Point Pleasant attics where they can live for long periods of time without being discovered. Unfortunately, these nocturnal animals are actually pretty dangerous because of their fecal matter. Bats often leave behind lots of feces, which has been known to make ceilings cave in, but these same droppings can also contain guano, which is a fungus that can lead to serious lung infections.

At Alliance Pest Services, we provide comprehensive bat control in Point Pleasant because we know how dangerous they can be and how difficult getting rid of them is. We begin by performing extensive property inspections to determine entry points, and because we follow Integrated Pest Management methods, we opt for one-way doors and exclusion services. In addition to our bat removal services, we also provide homeowners with the option of sanitation, which will safely eliminate the droppings that bats usually produce in large amounts. For more information on bat removal in Point Pleasant, please call us today.

The Problem With Nuisance Birds Around Your Point Pleasant Property

If you’re dealing with nuisance pest birds around your Point Pleasant property, then you might be aware that these creatures make a lot of noise. Whether it’s cooing or chirping, birds have the ability to be the source of significant noise pollution that’s not as peaceful as it may seem to some. Additionally, when birds congregate in large numbers, they have the ability to make anyone on your property very uneasy simply by existing.

That said, there are also more serious issues that come with pest bird populations, one of which is property damage. When birds roost, they usually do so with dry materials like straw, and when their nests are built around electrical wiring, they can be the source of fires. Additionally, the droppings that they leave behind can lead to corrosion and discoloration of your property and cars around it, while also being the source of pathogens that lead to histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.  For complete bird control in Point Pleasant, call Alliance Pest Services today. 

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Fleas In Point Pleasant

Fleas are a frequent invader of homes in Point Pleasant; however, there is still a lot that homeowners have to learn about them. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about these pests along with some helpful answers:

  • How can I identify fleas? Fleas are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye, but they are rather flat and are oval-shaped with several sets of legs. Fleas are usually a translucent amber color before they’ve gotten the chance to eat, after which, they become darker in color and larger in size.
  • Why do I have fleas in my home? One of the most common reasons why you might end up with fleas is because your pets have come into contact with unknown animals. It’s also possible that you have a rodent infestation that you don’t know about, you have a neighbor with fleas, or you brought them into your home via a used sofa.
  • Are they dangerous? Fleas can be very harmful to both pets and people. They feed off of pets for long periods of time, which can lead to anemia, murine typhus, and cat scratch fever. They can also bite people and cause murine typhus and skin irritation.
  • What’s the best way to get rid of them? There is no doubt that the most reliable way to eliminate fleas is with professional pest control because these pests are tenacious, hard to locate, and breed rapidly.

For trusted flea control, contact Alliance Pest Services today.

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