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Starlings are small or medium sized birds that are the Sturnidae family. There are several species that are in Asia that are the larger birds and they are called mynas and there are ones in Africa that are called glossy starlings because of the way their body shines in the sun light. Starlings originally came from areas such as Europe, Asia, and Africa and they then they migrated to other countries afterwards. Now, starlings can be seen all over the world.

Starling standing on a piece of wood


A starling’s size can be described as a medium-sized bird. There is a short-bodied species called Kenrick’s starling that is no more than six inches long and the lightest species is called Abbott’s starling which weighs roughly 1.2 oz. The largest known starling when you refer to the size and weight is Nia’s hill myna. This type of species is about 14 inches in length and weighs roughly 14 oz. The mynas species have a yellow face and long tails.

The plumage of a starling is typically bright in color because of it being shiny. The shininess of the feathers isn’t because of the pigment of the feathers but because of how the feathers are structured. There is very little difference between the males and the females when it concerns plumage. Most of these brightly colored areas are typically red and yellow and the younger starlings have darker colors.

Behaviors, Mimic, Diet, and Feeding

Starlings are a really social type of family. The size of a flock of starlings varies depending on the time of the year. The flock of a starling is called a murmuration. Starlings are so social that when they travel in their flocks they will include other species of starlings and even sometimes include species from other bird families.

Starlings are great at imitating or mimicking other species of birds. They are able to produce 15 to 20 different imitations. They can often sound like other wild birds. These talented little creatures have also been known to imitate man-made sounds such as cars and phone boxes. They are considered one of the smartest and most talented birds in the world.

A starling’s diet is typically based on fruits and insects. In some areas of the world, starlings are very important because they are really good at spreading seeds so that plants can grow in other places. Starlings have also been seen eating fermenting overripe fruit which makes them look like they are intoxicated. A study was done on European starlings they found out that they have an enzyme that can break down alcohol very quickly which will make it look like they are intoxicated.

Averting Conflicts

A starling’s biggest enemy that they have to deal with is people. Since starlings like to build nests in buildings to raise their baby birds, have shelter, and store their food and this is why people are their biggest threat. There are several ways that you can avert these conflicts yourself but it’s always a good thing to call a professional so they can do it for you and make sure it’s done safely.

Another place that starling love to make nests is gutters. A starling will make a nest in the gutter and this will prevent water from draining through them which in turn cause more damage to a building or a home.

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