What You Need To Know About The Bats That Reside In Monmouth County

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Can you call animal control for bats? Are bats effective in mosquito control? For these answers and more, here’s everything Monmouth County homeowners should know about whether bats can hurt their family and pets, bats as carriers of rabies, how bats get into homes, and how pest control in Monmouth County can help you get rid of bats.

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Can Bats Hurt My Family & Pets?

For some homeowners, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding how dangerous bats are. While some residents want nothing more to repel these pests from their property, others encourage and attract bats. This is because bats eat insects, like flies and mosquitoes, and are often considered a form of mosquito control. Even if they do control mosquito populations, you should never be attracting bats to your home on purpose because these pests can cause more harm than good.

Generally, bats do not attack people or pets. Even if you do see a bat in your home or around your property, these creatures aren’t considered to be aggressive and usually don’t go out of their way to attack people or other animals. Bats may swoop down close to you, but they’re more likely to be after an insect or trying to get away. Bats are shy, and unless you’re a mosquito, they’re unlikely to be interested in attacking you.

However, bats are still wild animals, and if you try to interact with one or pick one up, you can expect this pest to react defensively. Trying to handle a bat on your own could warrant a bite, which is why it’s important to let professionals handle any humane bat control.

Do Bats Carry Rabies?

Unfortunately, bats do carry rabies. This is another reason you don’t want to provoke these creatures or try to handle them on your own. In fact, according to the data collected, bats have been responsible for more than half of rabies-related deaths since 1960. However, not all bats carry rabies, and only a small percentage of the bat population is infected.

Keep in mind that rabies isn’t the only disease that bats carry. Bats can carry over sixty different viruses that may spread to humans, but some of the most notable include:

  • Ebola

  • SARS

  • Histoplasmosis

  • Hendra virus

  • Salmonella

  • Leptospirosis

Besides biting, bat feces and urine are another way humans may contract bacteria or viruses from bats. Can you tell if a bat has rabies? Although there’s no way to know for sure if a bat has contracted rabies, there are some warning signs that can indicate an infection, such as:

  • The bat is people to approach it.

  • The bat is resting in unusual places, like inside your home or your backyard.

  • The bat is fairly active during daylight hours.

  • The bat has trouble flying or can’t fly at all.

Whether they display these behaviors or not, you should never handle a bat on your own. Given how many diseases and viruses they’re capable of spreading, bat control should always be left to the professionals.

Can Bats Get In My House?

Almost no part of your Monmouth County property is safe from bats, and that includes your home. Some bats may enter homes by accident, but others may fly into homes because they’re looking for a shelter that will protect them from predators. Bats may fly into open doors and windows, vents, damaged roofs, or chimneys to get into your house.

Once they’re inside, bats will be looking for a quiet, dark hiding spot where they can rest and not be disturbed by people. Some other shelters that bats may frequently use near Monmouth County homes include outbuildings, barns, and sheds.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Bats On My Property?

Whether you’ve discovered a bat in your home or somewhere else on your property, there’s only one humane, safe, and effective way to get rid of it: get help from the professionals at Alliance Pest Services. With decades of experience, our family-owned and operated pest control company is the trusted choice for effective bat control in Monmouth County and surrounding areas.

Bats can be dangerous if they’re handled incorrectly or without the right training and gear. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk – contact us today at Alliance Pest Services to learn more about how our bat pest control can help you eliminate these spooky critters from your property.

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