Why Cockroaches In Monmouth County Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

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Imagine an insect that has nymphs so small that they can pass through the tiny holes of your electrical outlets. Imagine an insect that can compact its body to squeeze into gaps that are half its height. Imagine an insect that is born with a resistance to certain chemicals. This insect could get into every crack and void of your home and survive many of the products you might throw at it. Well, you don’t have to imagine this insect. It’s called a cockroach. The roaches in our Monmouth County service area have these characteristics and others that allow them to hide from treatments and resist products that are used on them. Here are a few more reasons cockroaches are so hard to get rid of.

Cockroach on a pipe
An American Cockroach on a log

Cockroaches Have An Impressive Range Of Food Options

When roaches get into your Monmouth County home, they will feed on the food you eat, but this is far from all they’ll eat. Cockroaches can eat:

  • Pet food

  • Rotting food

  • Hair

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Wallpaper

  • Toothpaste

  • Dead skin

  • Dead insects

  • Fabrics

  • Feces

  • And much more.

When considering food reduction as one prong in your multi-pronged approach to cockroach control, you need to be aware of all the foods they eat. If you contain foods in your home but have food stuck to the sides of your oven, you’ll continue to provide food for roaches. Along with storing food in sealed containers and keeping your home clean, you need to be sure to deep clean as well. This is a tough job. It’s frustrating when it isn’t done right, or thoroughly enough.

Bait Failure

The products many Monmouth County residents turn to are cockroach baits. This is a great option, and the option preferred by most licensed professionals. Unfortunately, there are many ways baits can fail. The real secret weapon in the war on cockroaches isn’t the bait, it is the pest control technician deploying the bait. A trained and experienced technician understands the pitfalls because this information is shared between service providers through important resources such as the National Pest Management Association. Your technicians know the impact humidity can have on baits, which baits currently have the greatest success rates, how cockroaches can develop bait aversion, which active ingredients work too quickly, complex ways baits can become inert, and more.


Cockroaches can reproduce like crazy. If you have some success with your cockroach treatments, you might think you’re winning. The reality is that it is likely that you’re not. Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature, and they prefer to stay hidden, even at night. When your treatments look like they’re working, it may only be that roaches have learned to avoid the products you’re using. Trained pest professionals use monitoring strategies to evaluate the success of treatments. Without this training, cockroaches will probably outsmart you.

How You May Be Able To Outsmart Cockroaches

Pest cockroaches have a vulnerability. They prefer humid environments. If you take steps to address moisture in your home, you could drive cockroaches out. It isn’t easy, but it’s an all-natural deterrent that can yield great results.

  • Take showers and baths early in the day so that the moisture has time to dry up before nighttime when cockroaches are active.

  • Fix any leaky faucets or showerheads. This prevents droplets from being available constantly.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when you shower or take a bath. This vents the humidity out and causes condensation to be available for a much shorter time.

  • If you have a humid basement, consider installing dehumidifiers to bring the level of humidity down.

Once you’ve taken the steps to reduce humidity, take a few more steps to give roaches even more reasons to get out, and stay out.

  • Clean your home as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to deep clean, and be sure to remove clutter.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal every gap, crack, or hole you find. Pay close attention to areas of rotting wood and gaps around moisture points, such as the water pipes that enter your home.

We recommend these methods to residents because there are so many ways baits and other control products can make the problem worse. When your treatments fail, it is more difficult for a pest control provider to deal with your infestation. This can cost you more money and can make your professional treatments take longer.

Cockroach Control In Monmouth County

If you live in Monmouth County, reach out to Alliance Pest Services at the first sign of cockroach activity. Our team uses industry-leading methods and a multi-pronged approach that includes the use of products that have been field-tested. There is a science to cockroach control and your Alliance Pest Professional understands this science. Connect with us today for immediate assistance.

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