A Brief Guide to Stink Bugs

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Stink bugs are usually not popular in the garden or in the home. There are a couple of different varieties of these bugs which attack plants and vegetables and this needs to be controlled. They will also attack crops and farmers will often have a great deal of problems controlling this. It is essential to know how to cope with this because when these bugs multiply, large amounts of fruit trees and vegetables can vanish in a short space of time. They can enter the home as well and begin to multiply. This obviously problems in the long run.

What are stink bugs

These particular pests are from the family, pentatomidae. The name is relevant, as they leave an unpleasant odor behind which is produced from a chemical. This originates from glands in the abdomen. It can be seen as a defense when they are trying to protect themselves from predators or when they feel that they there is danger lurking.

They vary in size, but they usually they won’t grow to more than 2cm in length. Their bodies are the same width. They learn to fly, and this makes it difficult to control the pest. You will also discover that they vary in color. The most common color is brown. However, some of them are green and others are yellow. They are noticeable with their markings on certain areas of their body.

Stink bugs as pests

Stink bugs will enter the home because it is warm inside. This usually happens after summer when it begins to get chilly. It is easy to find a place where they are able to get inside. They will find a crack in the door or in the walls where there is a gap. They can slip in through the vents in the attic or the roof.

How to prevent stink bugs from invading the home

The control of these pests is important it can be avoided when you take the right steps. You need to make sure that you maintain the home. An inspection is required from time to time. There are certain areas where the bugs will most likely enter the home. A professional person who is experienced in the industry will attend to this type of an inspection.

All cracks and gaps need to be repaired. You need to make sure that there are no leaks in the roof and that the walls are solid. If you have a big problem with stink bugs in the home, you may benefit from a screen door. Vents can also be covered up with a screen, but it is important to watch out that this doesn’t tear over time, because these things need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.

During the time that stink bugs are in the home, they will lay 20-30 eggs. They will benefit from the warm environment. The eggs are barrel shaped, so it is also important to look out for these eggs.

How to prevent stink bugs in the garden as well as crops
Stink bugs usually will attack cabbage, cotton and tomatoes. They will suck the sap out of the plants. The one useful aspect about these bugs is that they can attack other pests, leaving you with one less thing to deal with. However, stink bugs can destroy an entire fruit orchard, so it is really something that you need to pay attention to.

Keep your lawn cut and well maintained. In this way, you will usually have less issues with stink bugs. There are many different solutions that come in a form of a spray. There are natural and organic sprays, so you won’t be doing damage to your vegetables.

A garden that is well maintained is essential. It means that you have to pull out the weeds, trim everything down and get rid of the overgrowth. Stink bugs like to bury themselves underneath everything. They enjoy the warmth. They will hide away under old logs and other rubbish. This is why you need a garden that is clean and neat.

The Solution Most Suitable

Some people use homemade solutions. An example, of this is nicotine. It is effective because of the coats of the bugs which are so waxy and hard in texture. They are often difficult to get rid of because of this reason. When you have only a couple of nasty bugs to contend with, try mixing cigarettes with detergent, and adding this to a spray bottle. However, when you have an infestation on your hands to deal with, it can be a little trickier to handle.

This is where you will need a pest control company to manage the situation. A pest control company is experienced to handle bigger problems associated with stink bugs in such cases where the home is infested. They have the right sort of equipment and solutions to approach this.

It is not as complicated as dealing with something like fleas, because they are easier to spot. These bugs also don’t do a good job of hiding themselves. Owners of homes will try and catch the bugs or use sprays, but to make sure that you eliminate the problem for good, it is worthwhile calling in the experts.

They may use sticky traps which can help eliminate the bug when they are found in large numbers. A powerful vacuum can also help get rid of a lot of the bugs. However, the odor will be left behind for some time, but will eventually fade. 

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