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If you are like many Americans, you think bed bugs are only an issue in dirty old roadside motels and that because you keep your home clean, bed bugs won’t be a problem in your home. But this isn’t true. Bed bugs are a growing problem in residential communities in Monmouth County and across the United States.

At Alliance Pest Services, we understand how disruptive bed bugs can be to your daily life and want to help keep you protected. Call us today to learn more about these pests, the issues they can cause, and how professional pest control in Monmouth County can keep your home bed bug-free.

How Bed Bugs Travel In Monmouth County

Bed bugs don’t have wings, so they can’t fly from place to place. Instead, they hitch rides by attaching to you or your personal belongings. Known as nature’s greatest hitchhikers, bed bugs move from place to place by attaching to your clothes, bags, shoes, and on goods that you purchase. You are more likely to pick up bed bugs in crowded areas like hotels, airports, bus stations, malls, offices, and other places where people congregate.

What It’s Like To Have A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal pests that are difficult to spot. While not invisible to the naked eye, a full-grown bed bug is only about the size of an apple seed. Their size and nocturnal nature mean you could have a bed bug infestation and not know it right away.

Bed bugs may be hard to see, but there are signs of a bed bug infestation that you will notice, including:

  • Small red or brown fecal spots on upholstery, mattresses, and other areas
  • Molted bed bug skins, eggs, or eggshells
  • Itchy, painful red bites on body parts that are exposed while sleeping

People in your home may also notice a strangely sweet odor if you are dealing with a major infestation.

Five Simple Ways To Keep Bed Bugs Away

The small size of a bed bug makes them hard to spot inside your home. It also makes them hard to avoid in public. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to keep bed bugs out of your home.

Here are five ways you can avoid bringing bed bugs home with you:

  1. When staying in a hotel, keep clothes and suitcases off the floor. 
  2. Immediately after returning from a trip, wash your clothes in warm water and steam your luggage.
  3. Inspect furniture before you bring it into your home, especially furniture that you bought second-hand. Pay attention to seams, cracks, zippers, and other areas bugs could hide. 
  4. Vacuum your home and high-traffic areas of your office frequently. 
  5. Regularly wash bedding in hot water

Being careful and following these tips can help keep you from bringing bed bugs home when you are out in public.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs In My Bed?

Call us immediately if you are dealing with an active bed bug infestation in your home. One of our bed bug control experts will inspect your home with the help of a bed bug sniffing dog to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home and how widespread the infestation is.

Based on the results of our inspection, we can develop a treatment plan for your home. We offer whole homes, individual rooms, and spot treatments to meet your bed bug control needs. We will also schedule follow-up inspections and treatments to ensure that bed bugs are gone for good.

Don’t let bed bugs rob you of your precious sleep. Call us today and let Alliance Pest Services give you back your sweet dreams quickly.

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