Monmouth County’s Guide To Handling Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common problem in Monmouth County homes. These tiny pests can be very difficult to get rid of, and can cause a lot of stress for homeowners. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, don’t panic. Alliance Pest Services will teach you everything you need to know about how to handle bed bugs in your home, and how to get rid of them with pest control in Monmouth County.

Can One Single Bed Bug Cause An Entire Infestation?

You may be wondering how just one bed bug can turn into a full-blown infestation. Unfortunately, bed bugs are very good at reproducing. A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, and those eggs will hatch in as little as six to ten days. Once the eggs hatch, the bed bugs will start feeding on blood and begin to reproduce themselves.

Bed bugs are usually brought into homes on infested furniture, luggage, or clothing. If you think you may have brought bed bugs into your home, it’s important to call a bed bug control service in Monmouth County to get rid of them before they have a chance to lay eggs and start an infestation.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

The first sign of bed bugs is usually their bites on your skin. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and they will bite us while we sleep in order to get a blood meal. These bites usually appear in a line or cluster, and they can be very itchy. If you wake up with bites that you think might be from bed bugs, look for other signs of an infestation:

  • Dark spots on walls or floors (bed bugs excrete a dark liquid when they feed)
  • Bed bug eggs or eggshells
  • White, silvery cast skins that bed bugs shed as they grow

If you see any of these signs, be sure to call a professional in bed bug pest control in Monmouth County right away. The longer you wait, the worse the infestation will get.

How Much Time Do I Have Before It Turns Into A Bed Bug Infestation?

Since bed bugs can reproduce very quickly, in as little as six to ten days, this means that if you think you may have bed bugs in Monmouth County, you need to act fast.

Even if you have bed bugs in just one room of your house, they can spread to other rooms very quickly. These pests can travel through walls and floors, and before you know it, you could have a bed bug infestation in your entire home. If you think you may have bed bugs in one room, call a professional in bed bug pest control to kill the bed bugs before they have a chance to spread.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs Inside My Monmouth County Home?

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the first thing you should do is call a bed bug control professional. For more than 35 years, Alliance Pest Services has been providing Monmouth County homeowners with local pest control for bed bugs. We know how to get rid of these pests quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your life stress-free.

When you call us, we will send one of our experienced technicians to your home to assess the situation. Once we have confirmed that you have an infestation, we will develop a treatment plan based on the situation and the best bed bug control technique for your home. We offer several treatment methods that are all highly effective at eliminating these pests.

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, don’t wait. Call Alliance Pest Services today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Monmouth County, and let us take care of your bed bug problem so you can sleep soundly again.

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