Bed Bugs: How They Make Their Way Into Your Home

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Bed bugs are a common issue in many domiciles, but what many homeowners do not know is how they make their way into the home in the first place. Bed bug outbreaks happen fast and once they’ve made themselves comfortable, it can be extremely difficult to get them to leave. It typically requires the assistance of a professional to make sure all of them are eliminated.

That’s why it’s important to have a strong understanding of how these pests are transported into the home, so that you can remain vigilant at all times and keep your residence from becoming infested. Otherwise, you could end up making the same mistakes that others have made and be forced to dole out serious cash to restore your home back to its proper state of cleanliness.

The first step is realizing that bed bugs are not a recent phenomenon. Bed bug outbreaks have been happening for years, as they like to burrow their way into anything wooden or constructed from fabric. They feed on their human hosts and as long as they have access to a nightly meal, they are reticent to vacate.

One of the most crucial times to be on guard for the transport of bedbugs into your home is during any extended traveling. Hotels are a notorious bed bug breeding ground, so thoroughly examining the room before getting ready for bed is necessary. When you leave your luggage on a bed that is in the midst of an infestation, it becomes much easier for bed bugs to make their way back with you.

They will crawl into your luggage and make a nesting place within your clothes, rendering their removal impossible. There are ways to tell whether your hotel room is experiencing bed bug related issues. By checking underneath the mattress and behind the head board, you should be able to uncover any bed bug hiding places.

Be on the lookout for skin shedding, eggs that have already hatched, and eggs that are about to hatch. Even during the daylight hours, all of these telltale signs should be visible to the naked eye. If you do not find any of these things, but the room is giving off an odor of raspberries that have been allowed to ripen for too long, that is also an indication of their presence.

Bringing old furniture or books into your home can cause the spread of bed bugs, as they lay in wait on these items. Sure, that old couch you found on the side of the road might make a great addition to your den, but at what cost? The money you’ve saved on not purchasing a brand new couch goes right back out of the window to pay an exterminator to come in and deal with the problem.

Older beds that are purchased used often have the same problem. Every piece of a used bed is at risk for bed bug infestation. Whether it is the mattress, box spring or frame of the bed, do not bring any bedding that you find outside into your domicile. Used bedding is a primary mode of transportation for bed bugs.

Even rented furniture can be a risky endeavor. Before accepting any rental furniture in your home, be sure to examine it from top to bottom. Other people’s homes may not be as clean as yours and the previous owner could have left you a little surprise. When shopping for rented furniture, only patronize places that have a strict bed bug eradication policy and stick to it.

While backpacks, purses and such are great means for conveyance, leaving them unattended on a bed could lead to the unwanted transport of bed bugs from that home into yours. If it is an area where a person sleeps, be sure to take caution not to rest any backpacks or purses on it.

Those who still renting can also safeguard their places of residences against a bed bug invasion, as well. Wiring and plumbing crevices are another common hiding spot for bed bugs. By professionally sealing any and all cracks and openings in these areas, you can stop a bed bug outbreak before it starts.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been into any sort of direct contact with bed bugs, it is better to be safe than sorry. Immediate removal of all articles of clothing is pivotal, followed by sealing them into an airtight plastic bag. After this, put them into the washing machine.

When washing clothes that possibly contain bed bugs, using the highest heat setting the washer allows will help you eliminate them. Whatever the highest temperature that your clothes can withstand and maintain structural integrity is, wash them in that.

For other items, such as bags and shoes, the bed bugs can be removed by putting them into the dryer for a 30 minute cycle at the highest of temperatures. The excess heat should serve to scald and skill any and all bed bugs that have attempted to use your clothes to hitchhike into your home.

By pinpointing each different way that bed bugs can sneak into your place of residence undetected, you are able to put the kibosh on any sort of bug invasion. With constant vigilance and attention to detail, your home can remain bed bug free at all times. Your currently bug free domicile never has to come under attack from this these parasites.  Alliance Pest Services can make sure that your home or building is Bed Bug free with one of our various treatment plans that will be best suited for your specific level of infestation.    

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