Bat Guano and How to Get Rid Of Bats

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Basically no one will want to welcome bats into their lives, but they might just come for one reason or another. Although bats are dangerous, it is just not because of what they do and their physical presence (even though they might carry rabies). The thing is, bats and people do not really connect that well, and whenever people are living in a place, and bats cannot be living in it as well.

This is also because of their droppings, known as guano. Bat guano carries a few risks to human health because of the micro beings living in them. So whenever you are living with bats do your best to get them off your back, and this way, you’ll be able to stay safe.

One of the diseases people can get from being exposed to bat dropping is histoplasmosis. This is basically an infectious disease caught by inhaling spores, spores that you can be exposed to due to bat guano. This will be covered a lot better in our eBook. Nevertheless this disease can hit a large part of the population, and the big problem in it, is that most people aren’t even aware of it.

Pretty much anyone is exposed to this disease, but there are people who are risking it more than others. Pretty much anyone that gets in direct or indirect contact with bat guano is risking his health. Some people are even more exposed because of their jobs: people like chimney cleaners, construction workers, and so on. But even if your attic just had bats one time, the fungus might be there, and you might be exposed.

Infected guano can be sitting around without you noticing it, and as soon as you go ahead and try and clean it, you get exposed to the disease. This doesn’t mean you’ll get it for sure, but you wouldn’t want to be exposed even to a small scratch if you had the choice, right?

So, in order to keep yourself safe, you need to get rid of those bats inside your attic, your house or even your building or just near it. If they’re there, they just might try to stay, and they will be eating and dropping off guano. This is bad for you and your health, and they should go live somewhere else. But the question is: how to get rid of those bats?

If they are inside a building, the first thing to do is to look at their entry point. If you kick them out and they get back in, that was just a waste of time. Look everywhere you can, and these places can be everywhere, like missing tiles, loose boards, pipe entrances, cracks, and so on. The entry point just might have a great indicator: guano. Guano is easy to recognize, it is sparkly in the sun light, and it has a different texture than most types of droppings.

As soon as you found out where they come in from, prevent them from re-entering. Just seal everything you identified as an entry point, and after you have done this, it’s time to get the bats out. You need to use a one way device, something like a pipe to get them going away. Keep this device in place for a few days to make sure the bats are gone, and then remove it so they are permanently sealed outside. If it does not working, it is best to call professionals to fix your problem indoors.

If the bats are just around the corner and they keep dropping guano around your house and exposing you, you need to do something about it, and since this is not inside your own home, you can actually do something other than try to “pleasantly ask them to leave.”

One way to do it is to use mothballs. Just tie the mothballs on a piece of cloth and tie and place them in the area where the bats usually roost (while they are not there). The smell the mothballs give to the place will discourage them to return to it. This strategy might need to be repeated, since bats can be stubborn. This also works if you spray aerosol dog or cat repellent. It works just as well with bats, but remember, do it while they are gone.

If all this doesn’t work, it’s time to get rough – without hurting the bats. The only thing left to do it to use water spray. That’s it, spraying them with water, and spraying their roosting area will discourage them to be there, and will send them the message: you are not wanted here. You will have to do it more than once, and whenever they are gone, occupy their area with balloons or tin foil. After a while, they will realize what’s up and be encouraged to go somewhere else.

The good thing about using water is that it scares them, but it really doesn’t hurt them, so it is the most human solution possible if all else has failed. Nevertheless, you should try other strategies a few times before starting to spray water, because after all, you are scaring the poor bats, and they are just trying to live.

If you would like to get more information and learn a little bit more about bats, guano and the health hazards it carries, check out our eBook about the topic.

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