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House mice are prolific rodents that can cause major issues once they start invading your Monmouth County home. Proactive prevention tactics and professional pest control are the best ways to rid yourself of these rodents.

House Mice Infestations

The house mouse is one of the most common home-invading pests and has a recognizable appearance. They are on the smaller side, often not weighing more than an ounce, and have brown to greyish fur, large whiskers, and broad feet. House mice have become dependent on humans as a result of evolving alongside human civilization for centuries. Today’s mice are extremely skilled at seeking out food, shelter, and water from human structures, something which makes them an incredibly difficult pest to prevent from entering your home.

Once house mice manage to get inside your Monmouth County property, they can introduce a serious risk of dangers and damage. Mice are constantly gnawing, so the internal structures of your home, such as wood, cinder block, electrical wire, and plumbing, aren’t safe from their teeth.

Mice are also carriers of serious diseases like hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Not only can you contract these diseases by coming into contact with a mouse, but these diseases can also be passed through mouse feces and urine which can dry up and become airborne around your home.

How To Stop Mice From Entering Your Home

If you are wondering how to stop mice from entering your home, you should take the time to review the following house mice prevention tips.

  1. Because mice are so small and can squeeze through openings as tiny as the size of a pen, you will need to seal up potential entry points around your home. Check windows, doors, and your foundation for cracks or gaps, and use a chew-proof material such as steel wool or hard cement to seal up the area.
  2. Proper food and trash storage are essential in keeping mice out of your home. Ensure that all food waste and trash is sealed up tightly and kept in trash cans that have tight lids on them to prevent the scent of garbage from attracting mice to your property.
  3. Keep your yard clear of debris, especially organic debris like fallen fruit, and ensure that the grass stays trimmed low. Following this step will reduce outdoor hiding spots for mice and help to deter them from your property. You should also routinely declutter outdoor sheds.
  4. Clean your home regularly and wipe away all food and drink spills immediately. Declutter more secluded areas like garages, basements, and attics to make your property less hospitable to any mouse that may find its way inside.

The Best Way To Catch Mice

Because mice infestations quickly become widespread in the hardest to reach areas of your home, thanks to this rodent’s prolific nature and skills at scavenging food, water, and shelter, it is nearly impossible to get rid of an entire mouse infestation by yourself. The best way to catch mice and remove every last rodent in your home is to contact the professionals at Alliance Pest Services.

The experts at Alliance Pest Services will conduct a thorough investigation of your home and provide targeted solutions that eliminate the source of your mouse infestation, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is completely mouse-free.

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