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No doubt, it can be all fun and games to throw a backyard party but that’s when there is no swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitoes around, dining on you and your guests. These days, quite a good number of people have suddenly discovered the need of having an efficient spray work against mosquitoes in their backyards. Of course, no outdoor party would be complete without a reliable bug spray.

If you are planning on organizing an entertaining outdoors party or wedding this summer, here is what you need to do to prevent those pesky mosquitoes from ruining your special event. When it comes to preventing mosquitoes in the backyard, there are certain preliminary actions you might be required to perform, such as

  • Checking the bird bath
  • Mowing tall grasses              
  • Eliminating standing water, etc.

However, have you ever thought of what to do when the mosquitoes are already there? Do you know that you can effectively treat your yard and even get rid of those small slender, blood-thirsty flies? Yes, of course. However, it is important to understand that the treatments you apply in your yard may only provide temporal relief from mosquito bites.

Due to migration, there is every tendency for the treatment to only last a day or two. To this effect, it is highly recommended to apply treatment in the morning of a late afternoon event or the day before the party. Apart from being very annoying, mosquitoes often cause itchy red welts and in some cases, they spread diseases, such as malaria, the West Nile Virus, and most recently, Zika.

It is easier to entirely get rid of mosquitoes from your garden than prevent them from coming in. These miserable little pests which can fly in from miles away can ruin your fun time with your friends and family. Apart from being a nuisance, the health risks they cause are enough to make you take the right action and get back your yard.

Spraying your yard is obviously one of the best methods of prevention from mosquito bites. If the mosquito problem in your yard is particularly bad you may want to consider using long-lasting insecticidal sprays as short-term control may not provide you with a lasting relief from them. Insecticides such as cyfluthrin or lambda-cyhalothrin can be applied around and on man-made structures like siding, patio spaces, or decks.

Ensure to direct insecticide sprays to those areas where mosquitoes reside, such as shrubs, flower beds, tall grass, as well as the underside of the deck. Homeowners’ options for treatment include a hose-end applicator, garden sprayer, a fogger, or ready-to-use aerosols. The treatment should be focused on tall plants, lawn edges, and flower beds.

It is important to note that most of these sprays are not readily been absorbed by brick and concrete, so reapplication may be required to achieve a long-lasting effect. So if you are planning to use your yard for a series of events and parties within a period of time, these chemicals would be most preferable. They have the potential of keeping mosquitoes at bay for a long period of time (several weeks).

The drying stage of the spray is the minimum re-entry interval for mosquitoes with all lawn and garden insecticides. Depending on the existing conditions such as moisture and humidity of the area at the time of application, the time required for the spray to dry may vary from minutes to hours to overnight. Remember to read and follow label directions before use. Along with other restrictions ensure to check for reentry statements on the label of the pesticide.

Prior to the time of your special event, you can have your yard sprayed through any of the following methods

Use of Lawn and Garden Pyrethroid Insecticides

When it comes to treating mosquitoes on the yard, these are a very good choice. They are generally known to be residual, odorless and have low toxicity. Most common garden, yard, landscape, and lawn insecticides contain permethrin, phenothrin, tetramethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, and cyfluthrin as active ingredients.

Aerosol Fog and Hose-End Applicators

These applicators are generally known to be highly convenient as they do not require any mixing at all. It is good to know that you can easily apply yard concentrates diluted with water with a compressed-air garden sprayer. But always ensure to wash it get rid of all forms of herbicide residues by washing it thoroughly before every use. For better control, try to produce thinner drops that can penetrate into dense foliage. A great way to do this is by increasing the pressure.

Misting Application

Foggers/misting applications are specially designed machines powered by propane or electricity to produces fine droplets that sustain in the air like fog. Before settling on mosquito resting sites such as foliage, fogs tend to float in the air for a long period of time. Many lawn and garden ready-to-use foggers are known to contain pyrethrin. In other to achieve greater effectiveness, it is recommended you use insecticides that contain this active ingredient very close to the time of the outdoor event or party, as it’s known to have little to no residual activity.

Finally, insecticide spraying remains an effective means of protecting your yard against mosquito biting. The market is flooded with numerous products; so, ensure to select the ingredient and the concentration that best suits your needs. To effectively reduce excessive and unnecessary exposure, ensure to use them sparingly.

Call Alliance Pest Services for all your pest and event spray needs. We will ensure that your property remains pest free.  

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