How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Monmouth County Home

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Rodents bring bad news to pretty much every building they infest, including Monmouth County homes and businesses all over the area. Arguably the worst of these rodent species includes the house mouse. While you might be prone to disregard these tiny mammals due to their small size and cute complexion, make no mistake, these are not friendly cartoon critters.

Some of our generation’s most common home-invading rodents include house mice, a rodent species that must live virtually right alongside human companions. These mice are completely dependent on humans and found exclusively inside the homes and businesses of their human benefactors.

Here are some of the most common house mouse characteristics:

  • Light grey, brown, tan, or black fur
  • Hair-covered tails
  • Large ears
  • Pointed snouts
  • Body frames no more than four inches long

Finding a house mouse in your home isn’t just a sign of a potential infestation. Unfortunately, the activity of mice inside your Monmouth County home could be a serious sign of impending disease spread or fire hazards.

House mice create physical, fiscal, and mental damage to people, pets, and properties. Due to their ever-growing teeth, house mice will constantly gnaw on wood, clothing, fabric, and plastic items. Their disregard for hygiene and appreciation of all things garbage will lead them to spread serious pathogens and deadly viruses. From E. coli to the dreaded salmonella, mice make no bones about sharing their germs with humans.

Useful Mouse Prevention Tips For Monmouth Homeowners

When mice get into your home and breed, they are almost impossible to remove and become a compounding problem if left to their own devices. From tiny holes and cracks in the wall to the slightest of gaps underneath doors and windows, house mice are dangerous interlopers for Monmouth homeowners everywhere.

Here are some tried and true prevention steps that keep house mice at bay all year long:

  • Store food and trash items in their correct spaces. Use plastic or glass containers to house perishables or grain items that could attract house mouse activity.
  • Seal off any potential entry points in the home. Use waterproof caulking to close up any fissures in floors, ceilings, or foundation. If possible, have your window and door screens repaired as well.
  • Declutter areas of your house where pests can hide, including basements, attics, storage spaces, and garages.

For more information about your house mouse infestation, book a comprehensive rodent inspection today.

How Alliance Pest Services Safely Removes House Mice

Prevention steps can go a long way towards reducing house mouse populations in your home, but they rarely, if ever, can stop an infestation once it has begun. For the best and most cost-effective house mouse control, contact the professional pest control team at Alliance Pest Services today.

Here are some ways that Alliance Pest Services both safely and effectively removes house mice infestations:

  • Thorough home inspections that uncover the root of the problem
  • Effective use of IPM and product treatments that stop mice in their tracks
  • Follow-up visits to ensure your house mouse threat never comes back

To learn more about how we can best serve your home, or to receive a visit from one of our highly trained staff members, reach out to the helpful team at Alliance Pest Services right away. Our crew is looking forward to getting and keeping your home mouse-free all year long.

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