Keep Wildlife From Entering The Home During Cold Weather

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When the fall starts getting cooler and winter is not so far away we retreat inside to warmer places to escape the cold winds of winter. We take cover from the cold and so do all the creatures that live outside around us. Where do they go? They seek shelter just like we do so you could end up with some unwanted company worse than some of your relatives.

These creatures invade our home through the structures around the outside and include small openings in siding and roofing. Chimneys and windows and other areas that are made to be left open can be a gateway for animals like birds and larger animals. These animals are just like us in that they need to get in out of the cold.

Some of the animals have been already chased out of their natural habitat by human development. These animals include small and large animals including birds, rats, deer, bears, squirrels, raccoons and wolves just to name a few. When you have problems with these animals that you just can’t deal with it is best to call a professional pest control service to have them removed. 

What kind of animals can invade your house in the winter?

The animals that can take cover inside your house during the winter can include animals big and small. Small animals like rats and squirrels can chew up electrical wire in and around your house while larger animals like bears, deer and wolves could just be looking for a bite to eat in your garbage cans.

Birds can make nests in small openings and also in your chimney. Mice and rats can enter small openings making a home in attics and basements. If there are any vents in your attic raccoons, squirrels along with birds and bats can enter very easily to make a home there. Animals like opossums and armadillos in warmer climates will look for entry under porches and other structures under the house. Bigger animals like deer and bears can be easily scared away with proper lighting on your property along with secure containers for garbage. If you see or suspect there are unwanted guests living and entering your house it is best to contact a professional pest control expert to help you remove them safely.

Where do these animals live and how do they enter your home?

These cold weather invaders can take refuge in the winter and enter your home and they can get into it many different ways. Both small and large animals can enter your house through roofs, chimneys, unsecured windows, siding gaps and under the foundation. Animals like birds, bats and squirrels can find these small openings in the structure of your house to enter and to build nests in.

 Making sure to seal these areas off from them before hand is key to keeping these invaders out. Animals can use the trees and limbs to help themselves get closer to these entry areas around your house. Once inside your house the animals can live in attics, basements and other areas they feel secure in. Rats and mice will take refuge in clothes and bedding storage so make sure to seal these tightly in a container. Chimneys can become home to all kinds of birds and also bats who can build nests down inside them.

Why are these animals a problem in your home?

These animals that are looking for a place to call home in the wintertime can cause many problems when they invade your home including damage to the structure of your home and can be dangerous in transmission of diseases to your family including your pets.

Some animals can attack you like bears and wolves if not scared or kept away. If a squirrel chews on some wires in your home they can start a fire leading to complete loss of your home. These unwanted visitors can cause lots of problems around the garbage areas of the home. Wildlife like deer can invade your garden and cause other losses to food in the yard. If you have any problems with these types of wildlife the fastest and easiest way is to use a professional pest service who can remove these animals and help you manage any future problems.

How to control Wildlife from invading your property

The best way to stop wildlife from entering your home and property is to take a proactive approach by eliminating their chances. There are some important steps to take to eliminate these creatures from entering your home.

Start by checking your home for openings and cracks in siding and roofing areas. Patch up all these cracks and openings and replace damaged wood to seal out any way for these creatures to get in.

Make sure to use wire mesh to keep birds and other animals out of your chimney. If you have a garden or other edible items use garden fencing to keep wildlife big and small from eating your hard work. Keep trash in. 

Secure containers to prevent them from causing problems. Keeping a dog and motion sensor lighting can help keep away large wildlife intruders like bears and deer.

Inside your house make sure to store clothes and bedding items in sealed containers to keep nesting mice and rats out. Make sure to check to see if windows are shut all the way to keep unwanted animals from entering your home. Use netting or wire mesh to close off areas under porches and other entry areas leading to under the house. Make sure to trim trees so wildlife can’t use it to enter your house. If you have any problems with eliminating any wildlife from your house be sure to call a professional pest control company. 

Alliance Pest Services is your wildlife removal and control expert in New Jersey Monmouth County New Jersey.

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