Mosquitoes Can Be Everywhere Around The House And Your Yard

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Having mosquitoes around the house can be a real nightmare. They can suck the life out of you. Mosquitoes can show up everywhere around the house. If they are in your yard or house there is a good chance that water is somewhere nearby.

Dealing with mosquitoes is a matter of controlling old standing water buildup around the house and yard. Mosquitoes could be coming from a more distant place, but usually it is standing water buildup in a nearby place. Mosquito’s eggs can only hatch and live in the water. A female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs at a time but she has to find water to make it happen.

Water accumulation on the property can cause a real problem with mosquitoes. Containers around the house can fill up with water and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If there are ditches around the house they could become a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes. Take a look around the house and check for any containers or other things that would hold water. Removing these water traps will cut down on mosquitoes around the home.

 The female mosquito does the biting and sucking of blood. She is most active in the spring to summertime season. She needs blood to lay her hundreds of eggs. She also needs the water to hatch the larvae in. A mosquito can mature to an adult in only a week. The mosquito is easier to deal with in the winter time because the female goes into hiding. She will wait for the spring to come and will go back to her usual breeding ground.

Controlling the breeding sites of the mosquito is key to eliminating them altogether. Keep away from ditches around the house to prevent from being bitten. Cleaning trash from the drainage ditch is also key to controlling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes could also be flying in from nearby places. They could be coming from as far away as a mile or so.

Tall grass around the house is another way mosquitoes can increase around the house. Keeping the inside of the house free of mosquitoes can be as easy as making sure to have proper screen doors and windows installed. Mosquitoes can even carry diseases without being infected by them. Some of the diseases the mosquitoes can transmit are Viruses, Malaria and Yellow Fever. These pesky bugs can be a real threat to health.

Contacting these mosquito related diseases is no laughing matter. They are more prone in humid climates from around the world. The humid climates of Asia and South America result in a large percentage of death. West Nile is another disease that has been in the news lately and can cause death.

Mosquitoes come out mostly at night and dusk. Keeping inside during this peak time can keep them from biting you at night. If going outside wear bug repellant to keep from getting bitten. If sitting outside on a porch or deck area it is best to have a screened in porch. The screen or netting can really keep the mosquitoes from biting.

The female mosquito needs blood to help in the reproductive manner. The blood from the female is used to incubate the eggs to hatch in water. Eliminating water around your home can greatly reduce any problems with mosquitoes. When outside the house wear long pants and long sleeve shirts to avoid mosquitoes. This will cut down on any biting they may do.

Having mosquitoes around the house requires wearing bug repellents. This will eliminate the chances of getting one of the related diseases. With all the diseases like West Nile associated with mosquitoes it is best not to take any chances. Keeping openings in the house from mosquitoes from entering is another homeowner concern. Making sure to fix all small openings and repairing screens is a great idea. Mosquitoes can find a way into the house.

Mosquitoes usually don’t fly very far from the breeding site. Certain species can have different flight habits. Mosquitoes from the coastal marshland are known to fly the farthest. They can fly up to a hundred miles. This is especially of interest to those who have a house around or near the coast. With the capacity to fly that distance they can be a threat to those living even inland.

Keeping grass and bushes cut and trimmed will keep mosquitoes from hiding in places. They can even hide under leaves so cleaning up the yard will help cut down on the mosquito population. Make sure all water is drained from around the house. Water is the prime breeding ground for all varieties of mosquitoes. If mosquitoes don’t have water they can’t breed. Mosquitoes around homes are easy to manage by following the golden rule. Having no water around the outside of the house is the best way to control mosquitoes.  Dump any standing water from plant holders, bird baths, kid’s toys and jungle gyms, make sure gutters are not clogged and holding water and any other items that can collect water.

Making sure to wear proper clothing before going outside the house can lead to less biting. Make sure the clothes are loose and light colored but cover most of the body. Staying away from nighttime exposure from the outside area of the house especially during dusk can save mosquitoes from biting you. Going outside at dusk or night should be done with caution wearing bug repellent to keep the mosquitoes off.

With proper management around the house mosquitoes can be kept from ruining your outdoor enjoyment. Mosquitoes are a threat but keep them away this summer!

Alliance Pest Services has specially designed mosquito programs to eliminate mosquitoes on your property, as well that can keep your home or business bug free. 

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