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Pest control in Ocean County is soon going to be busy. The birds and the bees are coming out of their trees after winter hibernation and while the birds are not too much of a problem, the bees can be if one is allergic. Even more worrisome and annoying than the bees are the most common pests in New Jersey and Ocean County:

The Stink Bug

Just like its name implies, this insect can make things really stinky. A strain of this bug was imported from Asia sometime in the last two decades and was only discovered here in the late 90’s. If they are agitated, killed, or even handled, they release a noxious smell that can linger and permeate through a home. Pest control in Ocean County is very experienced with these bugs.


The black jellybean of the insect world (because nobody wants them), the survivors of disasters and dismemberment, cockroaches are to pest control in Ocean Country what water is to planet Earth: comprising about 75% of the industry. They are the ultimate repeat customers, cockroaches because we always need to come up with better ways to kill them and they keep coming back for more.


These bores will literally bore your house to death. They eat wood, primarily, and depending on the size of the colony, they can go through a 2×4 faster than a wood chipper. These home wreakers need to be constantly monitored to guard against their population getting out of control. Especially in climates like Ocean County, pest control is necessary to take care of termites.

Bed Bugs

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to something biting your backside? If you have, then you know how annoying bed bugs can be. They can get everywhere and are sometimes very tough to get rid of. While pest control in Ocean County for bed bugs can be done on a do-it-yourself basis with temperature variations, leave it to the professionals to get rid of them fast and thoroughly.


Arguably the most annoying insect of all time, these are simple to deal with as well, with a little community involvement. This pest control in Ocean County could never be simpler as all one needs to do is remove or doctor all patches of standing water. This is where mosquitoes breed. If there is a bucket of water near your home, empty it or cover it well. One can always hope for a late spring frost, but that can never be depended on. Unfortunately, like all insects, they are almost impossible to completely be rid of without moving to the arctic or to the middle of the ocean, on a boat or submarine.


Despoilers of picnics; creepy kitchen haunters and completely annoying, ants are just about in as many places as mosquitoes, and a few more. Fortunately, they are relatively harmless. Unless they wander into electrical circuits and get fried or if they are really big with big biting jaws. Or if they are those angry red ones that bite no matter what. Or if they are poisonous, as some species. One cool fact that puts pest control in Ocean County and Alliance Pest Control into perspective: there is a continent-spanning colony of ants. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services today!

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