Signs That You May Be Experiencing a Bat Infestation in Your New Jersey Home

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While most of us would prefer not to experience a bat infestation in our homes, they tend to take place more often than we might have hoped. If you are under the belief that you are currently experiencing a bat infestation, you will want to read on and learn more about all of the telltale signs, so that you can remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Bats Flying Around Home

Bats that are residing in and around your home tend to be most visible during certain times of day, so if you are consistently seeing bats flying around your house during sunrise or sunset, this is a sign that you have a bat problem. They are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day, so you will never see them while the sun is actually out.

The Scent of Ammonia

Have you ever found yourself wondering why a home that has not been recently cleaned with ammonia would still carry its scent? Unfortunately, bat droppings come with the scent of ammonia and if your home smells of this cleaning product, this is typically a sign that they have set up shop inside of your home. Those who do not enlist professional assistance as soon as these issues take place is taking the risk of contracting diseases that are caused by breathing in the spores.

Unexplained Odors

Piggybacking on the previous point, odd scents in your home are not always linked to ammonia, as there are a number of other unexplained odors to pay attention to. When there are foreign smells inside of your home that you cannot find the source of, this is often a sign that a wildlife infestation has taken place right under your nose (pun intended).

Dead Bat Sightings

One of the most common mistakes that is made by homeowners who are experiencing a bat infestation is if the dead bats they are finding by their residence are somehow related to some other home in their area. A dead bat that has been found on your property is likely to be a member of an entire family that is residing at your home. Pay close attention to your home as soon as you find any dead bats on the premises.

Stained Holes

When bats find an entry point into and out of your home, they are not using the front door. They will find areas of the home that you are not exercising the proper vigilance towards to utilize as entry points and once they do, they enter and exit again and again. Once they have pinpointed an enter/exit point, the hole will become stained with black resin, providing with you all the evidence that you need of a bat infestation.

Bats Inside of The Home

While this might seem like an obvious sign that you are experiencing a bat infestation in your home, there are a shocking number of homeowners who will accept moments like these as a mere aberration and not investigate the matter any further. If bats are feeling bold enough to enter the main areas of your home where you can easily see them, then there is also a very good chance that they have found a way to colonize areas of your home that you cannot see.

Strange Noises Coming from The Home’s Interior

Homeowners who are consistently hearing strange noises inside of their home should not make the mistake of chalking it up to “settling” or “creaks and groans.” Are you hearing strange noises coming from the walls of the home and the attic? If so, you will need to take a closer look to make sure that bats are not already living inside of them. Sunrise and sunset are the times of day when you are most likely to hear these sounds, as this is when the bats will exit and enter your home.

Squeaking Sounds

While there are certain sounds that are not as easy to explain, the presence of high pitched squeaks is incredibly problematic and a sure sign that your home is filled with them. Some homeowners may attempt to remedy the issue on their own, but in instances like these, you will need to enlist a professional. Many of the tactics used by the average homeowner only serve to make the bats angrier and cause them to dig in their heels.

Frequent Bat Dropping Sightings

There is no reason to panic if you should so happen to find bat droppings in random areas on your property, but if you are finding droppings in close proximity to your home on a regular basis, this typically means that the bats have already established an entry and exit point. Bats prefer to leave their droppings in areas that are not close to their nests and your house could be the epicenter of an infestation.

Visible Bats in Outdoor Structures

Those who have other outdoor structures on their property, such as a shed or a garage, are also highly susceptible to a bat infestation. If you are seeing signs of bats in these buildings, this is a sign that they have already colonized your home or they are on the verge of doing so.

When you notice any of the aforementioned signs, it is time to contact a professional, so that you can remove the bats in a timely and efficient manner. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can handle this task on your own.

Alliance Pest Services has a special Division called Bats Away to solve all your pest, wildlife, and bat removal problems.  

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