Six Cold Weather Pests To Watch Out For During The Winter Months

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During the cold winter months, many people believe that the falling temperature will be sufficient enough to kill off all forms of pests, but this is far from the truth. Some of these pests display intelligent survival tactics that help them survive the biting cold of the winter. Just like humans, pests will also seek shelter from the cold and the first place that comes to mind is the home. The cold winter months should not be an excuse to let your guards down. Make sure your doors and windows are caulked from invasion. If you have torn screens then it is high time you get it replaced. And for holes in the home, consider filling them up. The truth is, once these insects find their way into the home, it takes a lot of effort to get them out.

Common Winter Pests

There are several pests to watch out for during the winter months, but these are the top suspects:

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach, which is also called water bug, is one of the most popular and disgusting pests that can be a bother during the winter months. These insects are adapted for humid, dark and moist areas where they can easily find food. You will find them in your trash bins, porches, damp basement and drains. They are drawn to decaying organic matter. Although they have a better capacity of surviving during cold months as compared to other cockroaches, they still need the warmth of your home to live properly.

Since Oriental Cockroaches are drawn by your trash, one of the best ways of keeping them out of your home is putting your trash outside.


The earwig is another very annoying pest that you could have a problem with during the cold winter months. Earwigs are quite sensitive to extremely low temperature; hence they do everything possible to find and stay in the warmer areas in their surroundings. Earwig find their way into the home through plants and soil that may have been carried into the home for decoration. Earwigs are known to nest in plants and soil which helps them to stay warm. Bringing in such soil results in the presence of the insect in the home.

Carpenter Ant

This pest can find its way into your home when you go out to bring in wood for the fire. Attached to these woods, these insects can’t fly off due to the freezing cold, hence they allow you take them to wherever place. When they get to the warmth and comfort of your home, they comfortably make their way out and begin to wander the entire house. When they find a warm, humid and comfortable space in your home they begin to breed, and in no time, there will be an infestation.


Wasps are known to die off during the cold months, but before they do they can still be a big nuisance. As the temperature falls, wasps typically leave their larva in the nest to die from the cold. Although they will eventually freeze to death, the period between when they leave the nest and when they freeze can be sufficient enough time for them to sting a couple of people.

Lady Beetle

They may look cute and colorful, but they can also be a pest during the winter months. Typically, ladybugs move in large numbers, hence when you spot one in your home, be rest assured it is not alone; they are much more where it came from. Compared to most other pests Ladybug is most beneficial and cause little or no damage. The best way of dealing with a Ladybug infestation is to prevent further entry, by sealing all known entry points. However, if you are allergic to these beetles, you can adopt a quicker and more efficient chemical method to get rid of them.

Stink Bugs

Whatever you do, do not smash them, there is a good reason why they are named stink bugs. Stick bugs are one of the pests that use our homes as a refuge during the cold months. These bugs are attracted to light and warmth. During the summer, they do not cause any headache. But once the temperature starts falling, they begin to search for warm places to hide. If you, unfortunately, find them in your home during this winter, down crush them, rather pick them up and dispose of them via other means. Except you want your entire house to reek of unpleasant smell. Fortunately, stink bugs do not reproduce in the home, therefore there is less chance for a stink bug infestation.

These are some of the most popular winter pests that can cause you a headache during this winter months. Hence it is important to take necessary simple precautions to prevent any form of embarrassment. Some tips that can help you stay safe include:

  • Repair all leaking roof or plumbing.
  • Replace torn or damage door screen.
  • Block all holes that may give entry spaces to insects.
  • Remove items such as old books, newspaper or rotten wood from crawlspaces.
  • Hire a trained professional to inspect your home at least once a year.

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