Some Information about Little Brown Bats.

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What little brown bats look like is they have a dark color, almost black on their backs and upper half of their bodies. They have small ears, their weight isn’t very heavy. They are estimated at no more than half ounces which is pretty light. The little brown bats are able to live up to seven years. The things that eat them and they have to watch out for are birds and snakes. Young bats if they fall to the ground are caught by these predators. The way they’ve been dying off lately is purely accidental. Mostly they are killed off by flooding during the time they hibernate, causing them to drown.

Little brown bats hibernate in dark places like caves or used mines. Seems like any dark place they’ll hibernate in. They will hibernate up to six months. Half the year, this is a pretty long time. It’s common for them to bunch up in groups while sleeping so they can keep warm. They will sleep up to almost 20 hours a day. That’s still a lot of sleep, considering there’s only 24 hours in a day. These bats will hunt insects at nighttime so they can eat. They will eat moths, wasps, mosquitoes. So in a way they are useful to keep around so that the population of insects cut down. So even though little brown bats are pests you don’t have to worry too much about the bugs.

Little brown bats aren’t territorial. They don’t claim feeding areas when it comes to meal time. They will return to their feeding ground each time they become hungry though.

The females will gather together in the summertime creating nursing colonies. The count is between twelve to more than a thousand female brown bats. The males will roost in a much smaller group than the females.

In the fall both males and females will find a safe hibernation, places away from their predators so they don’t get eaten while they sleep. Little brown bats mate more than once per year. But they can only produce once young per year. In August is when mating season begins. All the way through the wintertime. The mother does everything for her young. At three weeks old the young are eating insects because their teeth have come in. Their hunting skills they get from their mother before they go off on their own to hunt by themselves.

Little brown bats help out farmers and crops by eating the insects that like to ruin the produce that farmers are trying to grow. Though they help with stuff like that to ward insects off. Humans are scared of them so they don’t know how smart little brown bats really are.

Other things little brown bats have to worry about are minks, rodents, raccoons. Even though little brown bats aren’t on the top of the food chain for these animals they still have to be careful that one doesn’t snatch them up.

They are found under tin roofs, in buildings, trees and even some wood piles. The little brown bats will hunt right above water, scooping up insects in flight while they are hovering over waters like ponds and lakes. Some like stated earlier will go into farm land and while in flight scope out the insects and eat them. I would be thrilled to have more than two little brown bats around to get rid of the insects that we have, though most people consider them pests I think they are more helpful than harmful.

The way that bats communicate with each other is through echo-locating. They use sound to communicate and know where each other are most of the time. Infants have different signature echoing sounds so that they can interact with their mother and not get confused by other bats echo locating each other.

The reason people are scared of these small little bats is because they are at risk for rabies. There have been 15 deaths from rabies of these bats in the last 40 years. This only happens in people pick up a bat that’s sick.

A way to keep bats out is by sealing and weather stripping your house. Screen in any gaps or openings that the bats can get into. Tighten up windows and chimneys. The bats like warm, tight, spaces they like the dark as well so check your sheds and crawl spaces or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it call in a pest control company. If it makes you feel any better rabies are only found in very few bats. They estimate less than 1 percent. You can feel a little more at ease knowing bats with rabies become paralyzed and then fall to the ground. A group of little brown bats that are found in attics will most times have owner’s spending money that is wasted on cleaning.  Note that there are time restrictions when exclusion work can be performed.  Anyone performing bat removal or exclusion work must check local and state regulations prior to starting any type of bat exclusion work. 

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