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Stink Bugs and Their Need to Migrate

Stink bugs are what is known as an agricultural pest. They are typically found on the exterior of the home and do not typically make their way indoors. When they first arrive on your property, stink bugs take refuge in your gardens, farms and orchards, waiting for the moment when they will migrate to another area of your residence.

Stink bugs will also make their home in residential neighborhoods, where they live in local parks and landscaping. They are commonly found in most areas of the United States, especially in warmer climates. When they find a warm climate to reside in, stink bugs will continuously reproduce throughout the year. 

Adult stink bugs spend the colder months of the year hiding in secluded areas, forever in search of warmth. Stink bugs hide in your weeds, underneath stones and boards and anywhere that provides ground coverage. They are heat seeking pests that need to find a certain temperature in order to procreate.

They remain dormant during the winter and become more active in the spring. However, homeowners who make the mistake of assuming that the cold weather will kill off all of the stink bugs on their property are making a grave error in judgement. As the weather continues to get colder, the stink bug does not simply burrow into the ground and wait for spring.

Stink bugs have a need to migrate and when those cold weather months hit, your home is one of the first places that they will head to. In order to survive, stink bugs are forced to find a place that they can spend the winter, so that they can re-emerge once the weather turns and return to consuming any and all available plants on your property.

They look to overwinter in your home and even the most well protected residence has certain susceptibilities. Every crack and crevice is a potential danger and stink bugs will burrow their way into a home by any means necessary. When an agricultural pest’s survival is at stake, they are able to find a new place to live, unbeknownst to the home’s owner.

Those who reside in urban and suburban areas can often find stink bugs collecting on the sides of their home during the winter months. While these bugs are not a guaranteed nuisance, most homes have plentiful holes and cracks that allow the pests to make their way inside and cause any number of issues.

Once the stink bugs have successfully found a method to get inside of your home, they are typically invisible to the naked eye, as they will locate a variety of different hiding places that are essentially undetectable, making it much harder for a homeowner to find them and root them out.

Stink bugs are particularly adept at burrowing into your walls, where they can continue to reproduce without being detected. If they are unable to get into your walls, they will also find crawl spaces and attics to reside in as they wait for the weather to turn. Homeowners who attempt to remedy the issue on their own are usually unable to have very much success.

If there are sunny and warm days during the winter, the stink bugs that are hiding inside of the walls and crawl spaces can become more active, but in most instances, they prefer to remain hidden until spring has sprung. At that time, they head back outdoors and resume their relentless consumption of your property’s plant life.

Once the warmer weather has arrived, this is when stink bugs become a real issue for homeowners. They are quite sizable and as their name might suggest, they come with a pungent odor that is offensive to homeowners. Warm weather will draw the stink bugs that have been living in your walls into the main areas of the home and when this takes place, it can be difficult to remedy the issue on your own and professional assistance is often required.

In order to protect the home from the onset of stink bugs and their need for migration, it is important for a homeowner to take the proper preventive measures. If there are any holes and crevices in the home that have gone unsealed, these must be taken care of in a quick and decisive manner. 

Sealing all exterior openings is the best decision that you can make when it comes to preventing an unwanted migration from stink bugs. If there are cracks and crevices that are currently unsealed, it is best to fill them with caulk before the cold weather starts to roll in. 

In homes with crawl spaces and attics, covering any openings with screens is the best course of action. Exterior doors with spaces that are large enough for stink bugs to crawl into should be protected with weather stripping in order to keep these pests out. Any area of the home with even the smallest crack or crevice is vulnerable, so be sure to take your time and monitor the home closely for signs of a potential infestation.

When all else fails, it is time to enlist professional help for your stink bug related issues. Whether its keeping the home protected from a stink bug infestation before the winter weather arrives or removing the bugs once they have formed a presence inside of the residence, professional extermination can eliminate pests and ensure that they stay gone over the long haul. 

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