Termite Infestation And The Damage They Can Cause

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Homeowners must be on constant alert, because termites are a constant source of aggravation and cause serious damages to homes that are not properly protected. Any structure that is primarily constructed of wood is in danger of a termite attack. Termites are such a menace, they are considered to be more of a threat to a wooden structure than floods, winds or even fire.

It is estimated that termites cause homeowners billions upon billions of dollars in damages every year. In order to avoid such a fate, it is important for homeowners to educate themselves about termites. The first and most crucial piece of information to remember is that there are two main types of termites that make their presence known in unprotected homes.

Some termites that attack your home do so from beneath the surface. These termites are known as subterranean termites. Subterranean termites can be especially problematic, because they are able to set themselves up in areas that are not evident to the naked eye. They build colonies beneath your home and begin to multiply at a rapid pace.

The other prevalent form of termites that most homeowners are more familiar with are dry wood termites. These termites find a nesting place within the wood that your home is built from and are difficult to remove from the framing once they have made a home there. Dry wood termites also bury themselves in your furniture and any hardwood flooring you may have.

Homeowners who reside in warm climates are required to remain on high alert, since termites tend to favor hotter locales. Dry wood termites especially seem to enjoy warmer conditions. However, subterranean termites can be found in almost every region of the country, even those that are considered to be the coldest. Since they are able to live in soil, colder conditions do not phase them.

It is a common misconception that termites only come around during the summer and spring months of the year. Termites remain active, no matter what time of year it is and they do not always arrive as a swarm. Being able to keep an eye on your home and detect the warning signs is extremely important.

Having the wherewithal to notice minor damages before they become major makes all the difference in the world for concerned homeowners. Acknowledging that your wood based home is under constant siege from tiny pests is the first step towards keeping your home protected. So what should a homeowner watch out for?

The most telltale sign that you are experiencing a termite infestation is the presence of hollow wood in your home. If you can tap on certain parts of your home’s frame and flooring and hear a hollow sound, this is a bad sign.

It can be difficult to notice termites that have become infested in wooden areas. Termites have the presence of mind to burrow into darker and more humid areas. They do not feed on the surface that is visible to the naked eye. Do not let yourself be fooled by a smooth surface, termites could be below the surface, eating their fill. They consume wood from the inside out, so keep a close eye on all of your key surfaces.

Another sign to watch out for is the presence of discarded wings in your home. When termites are in the reproductive process, they often take flight in order to seek out their next partner and create a new colony to live in. During this process, the wings are often shed. So if you see several wings around the house or you begin to notice swarm of winged insects, it is time to call a professional.

If you see paint that appears to be chipped or peeling, it’s time to investigate. Do not simply assume that this is natural wear and tear. Termites do not need large openings to make their way into your walls and begin feasting. Even the most minuscule chipping or distortion could mean that you have an infestation.

Should you notice any paint distortion or cracks close to the foundation of the home, seal them up as quickly as possible. Your windows, roof vents and roof siding are also huge areas of risk, so monitor them accordingly and seal any crevices that may reveal themselves.

The presence of mud tubes is a major red flag and indicates the presence of termites. Termites will build mud tubes because they provide protection from the elements and provide them with the moisture that they need to forage for food. If you keep mulch or firewood close to your home, be sure to move it further away from the domicile, as termites’ mud tubes are often built after finding a home in your wood supplies.

Termite infestations can have severe consequences on a home’s value and structural integrity. A home is a serious investment and should be protected at all costs. While there are measures that can be taken to keep a home safe, it is best to call a professional so that they can eradicate an infestation. A specialist can not only fix the problem, but also ensure that it does not happen again.

Alliance Pest Services is a termite control specialist in Monmouth County, New Jersey for termite swarmers, termite problems, termite damage and real estate inspections.

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