The Dangers Fleas Bring To Monmouth County, NJ Homes

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Even though you might not hear much about flea infestations in Monmouth County, NJ, they happen. Fleas are one of the more common local invaders. If you’re one of the many locals to experience trouble with fleas, you could experience several problems. Learn all about the dangers accompanied by flea infestations.

Why Flea Infestations Are Troubling

Unlike some other pests in Monmouth County, NJ fleas are more than a nuisance. While they are undoubtedly annoying, fleas are also dangerous. For one, fleas have the potential to spread disease. They can make both pets and people sick by spreading typhus, plague, and cat-scratch disease.

At times, fleas worsen respiratory issues. Some pets have allergic reactions to flea bites and require medical intervention. If a flea infestation becomes severe enough, a victim of flea bites can develop anemia from the blood loss. The itching could be annoying enough to result in broken skin, which comes with a secondary infection risk.

It’s worth noting that a home without pets can experience a flea infestation. While dogs and cats are often carriers of fleas, there are other ways these pests can get into your home. For instance, rodents often carry fleas onto Monmouth properties. If a rat enters your yard with fleas, the parasites could jump off and make their way into your home. Once inside your property, fleas won’t go away on their own. As long as there are people or animals nearby, fleas have a reason to stick around. Even if no one is around, fleas can survive for as long as 100 days without a meal.

Do You Have Fleas In Your Home?

Fleas are one of the smallest pests in the area, so it might be challenging for you to realize that you have fleas. All of the following are common signs of fleas:

  • Pets Or People Are Scratching: If your pets or house guests seem to scratch excessively, there could be fleas around. When fleas bite, their saliva causes some irritation. This often results in an itchy sensation, much like you experience with a mosquito bite.
  • Flea Sightings: Have you seen tiny insects jumping up from your carpets or drapes? Despite their small size, fleas can jump several feet. You might spot one jumping around your home or off your pet.
  • Flea Dirt: Flea dirt is small, black specks from flea droppings. Composed of digested blood, flea dirt may be on your dog bed or furniture.

How To Protect Yourself From Fleas

There are a few key steps you can take to protect your home from fleas and the dangers they bring such as:

  • Use Protection On Your Pets: If you don’t already have your pets on a flea preventative, it’s time to get them on one. You can ask your veterinarian for a flea preventative or shop for one at your favorite pet store. Whichever preventative you use, be sure to stick to a routine with it. Flea collars and medications only last for so long.
  • Keep Rodents Away: To keep fleas from coming into your yard, make your property less appealing to rodents. This means cleaning up piles of debris, maintaining your shrubs, and mowing your lawn.
  • Vacuum Frequently: Fleas often lay their eggs in your carpet. While vacuuming won’t eliminate fleas from your home, it is an effective way to reduce some of the eggs. Just be sure to properly dispose of the debris from your vacuum.

Work With a Professional

For the most protection from fleas, you need an experienced professional by your side. Alliance Pest Services has all the tools and experience you need to keep fleas away. Our team can provide ongoing home pest control treatment against fleas. Call us now at Alliance Pest Services or use our online contact form to learn more. Satisfaction is guaranteed and we also offer same-day service.

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