The Importance And Process Of Bed Bug Inspections

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Bed bugs can be some of the hardest creatures to find and are also one of the trickiest to permanently get rid of. If an infestation is not detected early on, bed bugs can end up destroying furniture and other areas of habitation to the point of no return. When moving in to a new home, or if you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your current home (or hotel room), it is important to get the home inspected to catch infestations in the early stages so they will be much easier to deal with. Find your Caine bed bug inspection service provider today and get the process started – it will end up saving you tons of stress in the long run! 

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat, nocturnal insects. These insects grow to about the size of a small apple seed, and are brown in color until after feeding, in which case the bodies turn a more reddish color. These bugs feed on blood, mainly human blood. They hide during the day, generally close to an area where they can feed at night – meaning – they will typically be hiding close to a bed, couch, or anywhere else a human may sleep. However, they aren’t limited to hiding in mattresses or box springs, they can hide in walls, frames and even stereos or other electronic devices. 

In NYC, highly concentrated areas, like Queens or the Bronx, these bugs are not an uncommon occurrence. They can be moved from place to place in items like luggage, or pieces of furniture, and spread like wildfire in apartment buildings and other buildings where there are a bunch of people living. 

Bed bugs typically bite in threes, differentiating the appearance of their bites from other insects. Although the place where they bite can become itchy, they do not transmit diseases, but they are still pretty disgusting and can become an uncontrollable nightmare if not taken care of. 

How an Initial Inspection Works

If you are in a highly populated area, or traveling to one, such as Manhattan, it is important to have an inspection done so that you won’t end up living with these blood suckers – or bringing them back home with you. Initial inspections can be tricky, since these tiny insects can be so hard to spot, but the right professionals can and will find them and get rid of them, and the earlier – the better.

If you hire a pest control service provider, they will show up prepared to handle a treatment. The exterminator will search the areas of (suspected) infestation and all surrounding areas. These men and women are trained to find such insects, they will know exactly where to look and how to identify them on the spot. They look for eggs, the insects themselves, and stains from previous feedings. If bed bugs are found, they will begin treatments, which are not just a one-time deal, unfortunately. Depending on the level of infestation, it may take two, three, or ten times for the treatment to be effective in ridding the living space of the insects. If the exterminators do not find anything in the initial inspection, and you still believe there may be an infestation, they will come back and perform an inspection with either more exterminators, more tools and/or even a bed-bug detecting canine. Yes, one of the most widely used inspection methods today for detecting bed bugs is the use of dogs. These dogs are trained only to find areas where bed bugs are hiding, and they are good at what they do! 

How the Professionals Deal with Bed Bugs

You may have heard of someone dealing with an infestation of bed bugs that ended up having to throw out a bed or other furniture. This is the worst case scenario, and treatment professionals try as hard as possible to not let it come down to this. Unfortunately, if the infestation is bad enough, that is what they will tell you is the only possible solution in getting rid of these blood suckers for good. 

Before that, however, they will try a number of different treatment options – ranging from high steam to high level pesticide sprays on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. 

They may tell you to encase your mattress with a zip-close mattress cover, which can help to prevent the insects from escaping to feed at night – if they are concentrated within the mattress. 

The exterminators in your area may also use interceptors (bed bug traps) depending on the level of infestation. Such an interceptor that may be used is made with a talcum powder base and places on the legs of the bed to catch dying insects as they fall – and keep them trapped until the exterminator remains to collect them and install new traps. 

What’ll It Cost to Get Rid of these Bugs?

Fees can range for the inspection and extermination services to entirely rid a room or building of bed bugs. It really depends on the area that is infested (how large/small) and the level of infestation.  But no matter what the cost – it is worth it to not deal with these blood sucking beasts! 

Alliance Pest Services provides canine bed bud detective services, heat treatments and various other pest control services for treating and eliminating bed bugs.

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