The Problem With Carpenter Ants In Monmouth County

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When carpenter ants in Monmouth County invade your home or business, it may seem like there is not a lot you can do to fight the invasion. If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants and avoid carpenter ant damage to your home, read our article for essential carpenter ant control tips.

Signs Of Carpenter Ants

The following signs of carpenter ants are all indicators that you have an infestation of these pests in your home or business. Pay close attention to your property and watch for these signs, as catching them early on can help mitigate damages.

  • Carpenter ant frass in your home is a serious sign that this pest is colonizing the internal wooden structures of your property. Frass occurs when the ants chew through wood and kick out their droppings behind them. You may commonly see carpenter ant frass in your home along baseboards, windowsills, and doorjambs.
  • Carpenter ant swarmers on your Monmouth County property are another major sign of infestation. Swarmers are reproductive carpenter ants, and they only move into your home to start a new colony. Seeing these ants or their shed wings can be a bad sign.
  • Sinking floors, tight-fitting doors and windows, and hollow-sounding walls are all serious signs of carpenter ants on your property. These issues are caused by these ants creating internal damage as they tunnel and colonize through the wooden structures of your home.
  • Rustling noises in your walls or around doors and windows, especially at night time, can indicate that carpenter ants have moved in and are chewing their way through the wood.

The Extent Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Do To Your Property

Carpenter ants can do serious damage to your property, especially if an infestation goes undetected or is allowed to grow out of control. As these pests chew through the wooden parts of your home, they will leave behind hollow wood, putting your property at risk of structural collapse or other dangerous damage that can result in incredibly costly repairs as the ants tunnel further and further into your home.

To avoid carpenter ant damage to your home or business, contact the professionals at Alliance Pest Services.

How To Completely Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants completely, contact the professionals at Alliance Pest Services. Our specialists at Alliance Pest Services can identify carpenter ant infestations and understand exactly how to eradicate these pests. Instead of wasting time on DIY methods, invest in the professionals and allow Alliance Pest Services to rid your Monmouth County property of these pests.

How To Keep Carpenter Ants From Coming Back

The following prevention tips, in addition to expert assistance from Alliance Pest Services, can help you keep carpenter ants from coming back onto your property.

  • Store all firewood away from your home and make sure there is no debris in your yard. Trim back tree branches or bushes that may be touching your home to deter carpenter ants from entering.
  • Install window and door screens around your property and seal up any potential entry points around your foundation and utility lines to keep ants out.
  • Address moisture issues and leaks around your property, as standing water can attract carpenter ants to your home.
  • Tightly seal all trash and leftover food, making sure to dispose of waste properly to prevent the aroma from attracting ants.

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