The Problems With House Mice In Monmouth County

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We want our home to be our refuge from the world outside. We have enough stress as we go through life between running to events, work, and taking the kids or grandchildren to sporting events. After a long day of sitting in traffic or endless Zoom calls, we want to come home, kick up our feet, enjoy a nice dinner, and end the day in our comfy bed. The last thing we want is the stress of mice in the house!

If you have seen a mouse in the house or suspect that the scratching sounds you hear at night are from mice, you need the Monmouth County pest control team from Alliance Pest Services. For almost 40 years, our family-owned company has been eliminating rodents and pests from homes; we can stop the stress from mice in your house. 

Just One Mouse Or An Infestation? 

How can you be sure you have a random mouse that snuck into your Monmouth County home or if you have a mice infestation? If you see the following, there is a strong possibility you have more than one mouse in the house: 

  • Pathways: When a mouse finds a food source, it releases pheromones and creates a chemical path for other mice to follow. 
  • Rub marks: Mice have oily fur, and as they travel the pathways, they rub against walls discoloring the paint as they press against it.
  • Droppings: Like all living creatures, mice defecate. They leave 1/8 to 1/4 inch long rod-shaped pointed droppings along pathways. 
  • Footprints: Mice often leave tracks from the food products they’ve been invading. 
  • Gnaw marks: Mice chew on the packaging and leave smooth and rough teeth marks.
  • Odor: Mice urine produces a strong aroma, and a foul smell in a room indicates a large infestation.
  • Burrows: Mice create nests in insulation and other similar materials.
  • Damaged products: Chewed cereal boxes and torn plastic bags of seeds suggest mice are present. 
  • Mice: These creatures forage for food while you sleep, so if you see a mouse, there may be more in your home. 

These signs will help determine if you have a mouse or mice. If you see these indicators, you need to act to stop the mice from damaging your home and putting your family at risk. 

The Health Risks Associated With House Mice

Although mice have a cuteness factor, you do not want them in your Monmouth County house! Like other rodents, mice may carry diseases. Sickness from mice includes leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), tularemia, and salmonellosis. If you have mice and experience flu-like symptoms or other health issues, seek medical attention.

Mice spread disease when handled; therefore, you do not want to touch a dead or live mouse. Feces on food products and household surfaces are other ways pathogens spread to humans. Mice droppings that have dried and become airborne can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions. Children are especially susceptible to allergic reactions from mice peeing on surfaces. 

Help! My Cat Caught A Mouse! 

Mice are prey for cats, and the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons depicted the cat and mouse relationship playing out in some homes. Pursuing and catching a mouse is the thrill of a lifetime for cats, but what happens when the kitty catches the mouse? Here are some things you should do if your cat catches a mouse:

  • Don’t let the cat kill the mouse because the cat may consume pathogens from the mouse.
  • Don’t let the cat eat a dead mouse. Diseases that can transfer from mice to cats include toxoplasma, hantavirus, and rickettsia pox. Furthermore, poison eaten by the mouse can poison the cat. 

Cats chasing mice is natural, but if the cat catches a mouse, get the rodent away from the cat as quickly as possible.

Professional Rodent Control For Monmouth County Homes

To get rid of mice in your Monmouth County home, you need the pest control professionals from Alliance Pest Services. We will identify the mice species in your home, develop a custom targetted treatment strategy, and eradicate the rodents from your house. Contact us today and request your free quote. 

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