The Relationship Between Rats & Pest Control

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Pests are detrimental to living beings. They are organisms that pose health and hygiene dangers to human beings, plants and animals. Pests can be found in and around the home, and can also be found in the farm, where it can destroy crops and livestock. Examples of pests are; snakes, bedbugs, black ants, cockroaches, rats, fleas, civets, houseflies, monitor lizards, moths, and so on. In order to prevent crops from being destroyed by pests, or the home being ravaged by pests, pests control methods are recommended. Some pests control methods will be discussed to provide you with an idea of how to control pests in your home.

Poisoned Rodent Bait

Using poisoned bait is the most common method for controlling rats, and other types of rodents. This method requires you to apply poisonous substances to a food attractant for the target pests. Place the food attractant at a strategic place in your home, and when the pests consume it, they get killed. This way, you are able to control or eradicate your unwanted guests or nuisance called pests.

The food attractant is the bait by which the rats in your home are attracted and killed. The poison applied to the bait is what kills the rat after eaten the food attractant. This usually takes some minutes or a few hours, depending on the type of poison used.

The bottom line is that the rat will be dead after eaten the food attractant.

Glue Boards

A glue board is used to trap rats. It is a very effective method of controlling or reducing rats in the home.

A glue board is a small cardboard which is covered in sticky glue. The glue has been mixed with an attractant. All you have to do is place the glue board somewhere in your home, and rats will be attracted. Once a rat is attracted, it gets glued to the board.

This glue is so powerful or potent that the trapped rat can never escape, that is how it ends up dying.

Glue boards are preferable to many people because they are very easy to use for pest control, and do not require the use of poisons or poisonous substances.

Spring Mechanical Mousetrap

A spring mousetrap is a specialized device designed primarily to kill or catch mice and other rodents. Mousetraps are usually set in hidden places or strategic locations because of the dangers of the trap.

The mousetrap is systematically set with a spring and attractant, and when the rat or mice is attracted, the spring is released and the mousetrap suddenly traps and likely kills it.

The mousetrap has sharp edges which enables it to kill rodents within a split second. Rodents are very fast, so the mousetrap is equally designed to be faster. This way, the rodents do not escape the trap once they go for the attractant fixed in the mousetrap. An example of a common food attractant used in mousetraps is cheese. Rats and mice love cheese, this is why it is a very effective food attractant.

Mousetraps are in various designs. Some types of mousetraps you can use to control rats in your home are; jaw mousetrap, spring-loaded bar mousetrap and electric mousetrap. There is another type of mousetrap called the live-capture mousetrap.

Live Capture Mousetrap

In as much as mice and rats are pests to us, they are also useful in other ways. For example, they are used as specimens or lab rats in biology labs. This is why some people prefer to capture them live.

As veterinary students will continue to need rats for studies, live capture mousetraps will continue to be useful.

A live capture mousetrap is a combination of both trap and cage. A food attractant is put in the mousetrap, which is also designed as a cage. Once the rat enters to feed on the attractant, it gets trapped in it.

Apart from using rats for educational purposes, another advantage of this trap is that you can release the rat into the wild, this in turn, prevents extinction.

The methods mentioned above are ways of controlling or eradicating pests, especially rodents. Rodents are the most common types of pests, and they are very destructive. This is why pests control is indispensable.

Flying pests can easily be controlled with the use of insecticides. However, rodents cannot. This is why any or all of the methods discussed can be put into practice when trying to rid your home of rats. And rats can never be prevented from getting inside your home, whether your home is empty or not. Moreover, empty houses usually make them have a field day, as such environments are usually ravaged by rats.

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