Understanding the Nature of Cicada

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Cicada is a very special insect that has over 3000 species all around the world. This type of creature is known for its ability to buzz and click like humans do. The noise that they can make can be heard in a quiet farm or in a space where there is a room for them.

 The most special feature that this type of insect has is the fact that they can just surface after several years. There are species of cicadas that can only resurface after 17 years and there are others that resurface every year. This makes the species of cicadas different from the others. There are those that also resurface after the winter. You will just know that the cicadas are back when you hear the noise that they make. Cicadas are buzzing and clicking not to mimic people. Their ability to buzz is essential in their mating and this is also being used in order to alarm other cicadas about their existence. According to research and observation, the buzz that the different species of cicadas make differs. The sounds are different and some of the species create musical sounds.

Cicadas have very prominent eyes and well-developed wings that are also transparent. This type of insect feeds on the sap of trees and plants. They do not really harm people because unlike mosquitoes, these insects are not feeding on blood. There are times when a cicada unknowingly harms a person and that only happens when it feels like it is going to be harmed. All in all, a cicada is a harmless insect to humans. However, there are different reasons why people see these insects as a nuisance. A cicada feeds on the sap of a tree and this is the reason why they can sometimes destroy crops and other plants that are essential to people’s existence.

 The female cicadas lay their egg on old trees. According to observations and studies, the existence of this type of insect is not really causing danger to the crops and the trees. However, a large number of cicadas can cause changes to the trees and plants all around especially when the females are laying eggs. When the eggs are hatched, the little cicadas dig to the ground and feed on the liquid coming from the roots of the plants. If there are a great number of cicadas, people will definitely have to do something about it.

 A cicada is considered a bug and they are classified as herbivores. The average lifespan of this type of insect can extend up to 17 years. One thing that you should know about this insect is its ability to make noise that can be heard even when you are one mile away from it. They can grow up to 2.25 inches and some can be shorter in length. Knowing the different things about cicadas can be a great way for you to know how to deal with them especially when there are already a great number of them living in your yard.

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