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During the months of May, June or July, you may begin to hear bats or see bats around your property or in your home, garage and other buildings on your property. The truth of the matter is that bats are very plentiful in the state of New Jersey and therefore can indeed cause many problems for residents and homeowners.

There are two species of bats in the New Jersey area which are the most common. They are the small brown bat and the large brown bat, which can have wing spans reaching as much as fourteen inches in width. They tend to be found in clusters of colonies. But despite the fact that they are considered by many to be unwelcome guests and bothersome pests, they do help the environment by keeping down the insect population since they feed on them.

Though bats do have the positive side of controlling the insect population, it is certain that you do not want them around. They tend to return in the spring to the same roosting area year after year. Then the bats multiply and the problem becomes much worse.

It is best to deal with the situation before it gets too drastic. Also, bats are known to possibly carry rabies. No, not all bats carry rabies, but they do carry them from time to time and those ones are real health hazards to families and pets.

In order to keep bats out of your home or property, you really need to do some good bat proofing of your home, garage or commercial buildings. Currently there are no chemicals that are allowed for bat control or removal in the state of New Jersey. 

Other methods that should be implemented to address any bat issues that you are having. And one of those methods that should be implemented is to take precaution in the first place by sealing areas where bats can get in, which is referred to as bat proofing your territory.

You must be aware also that it is frowned upon to use glue boards or fly paper to capture bats. And bats should not be left locked up to starve to death as this is considered inhumane by some. Also, the stench that a multitude of dead bats would produce would be very odious and hard to get rid of. The dead bats would pose a real health hazard to you, your family, and your pets.  If bats are captured on glue board, you can use vegetable oil to remove them from the glue board.  Any bats are captured in any way; they should be released outside. 

You are permitted to use moth balls in the areas where the bats are. The moth balls likely will not kill the bats, but will probably make the bats want to leave, as the bats do not like the smell of the moth balls. Therefore do be sure to leave at least some spot open so the bats can exit the home or the building.

If you discover that bats had been present, but had left your home or building, make sure to do a very thorough inspection to check for places where they may have gotten in. Then you will want to bat proof your home or building by sealing off the areas well and up to code. Please note that just because you use moth balls, that does not take away the necessity for you to seal up places where the bats can get in. 

Bats roost mostly in the dark areas that don’t have much action going on. They like to be in areas where they are not easily detected at first. They seem to seek out lodging in attics and in walls. The bats seem to be experts in finding openings quite frequently near the edge of the roof, under the eaves, around loose boards, near soffits, crevices surrounding the area of the chimney and vents. What may seem small and insignificant to you can be the perfect size for those determined bats to enter, as they can enter a hole that is only the size of three eighths of an inch. 

It is a good idea to check the roof, eaves, soffit, chimney, and other such areas to see if there are any holes near these areas. Be sure to have all the supplies needed to fix any holes as soon as you locate them and get them fixed as soon as you can, even calling for professional help to do so if need be. It truly is needful and worth it to get the repairs done as soon as possible.

It is helpful to look at your building during the peak of sunset, as you will see where the bats are coming from. This will allow you to know exactly what area you need to fix.

If you happen to experience a bat trapped inside your home, try to get it into a room where you can shut the door on the bat so that it stays confined in the room. Before you leave the room, open the window and turn out the light. There is a high probability that the bat will leave. 

If the problem with the bats is too overwhelming for you and if there are quite a few, it is a good idea to call for the help of the professional pest control workers who are experienced and knowledgeable regarding how to deal with the various bat problems. 

They can address all your issues very efficiently.   Alliance Pest Services has a dedicated team to remove bats and protect your home or building from bats getting in and safely exiting as well.

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