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Home is where the heart is, but unfortunately for some people home might also be where pests reside. Pests are more than just nuisances for homeowners, because many pests, such as termites, could also be potentially damaging to a home’s structure. Some pests such as ticks can also cause health problems for people and pets, so it is important to get any pest issue looked at right away. For people living in New Jersey contacting someone who specifies in pest control can help stop a pest problem from doing further damage to a home. Here are a few ways homeowners can help protect their homes and property from potential pests, aside from nosy neighbors of course. 

First homeowners should know the conditions that these pests love, this way they will have the information on how to prevent pests in the first case. Termites love moist environments so homeowners should keep their homes, including the foundation as dry to prevent a termite infestation. Carpenter ants, another pest that can invade many homes in the country, also love moist areas and can cause serious damage to wood in a home. Not all pests like a moist environment; some like the American roach can also survive in drier environments. If New Jersey homeowners see or suspect a pest inside their home, or even outside then they should contact an NJ pest control specialist.

Second, it is important for homeowners to know what pests eat. Some pests like termites will eat wood. Carpenter ants, while they can cause serious damage to wood due to burrowing, do not actually eat wood. Many pests, like roaches, will be attracted to organic matter. Making sure to properly dispose of food and organic matter in garbage bins, and not to let large organic matter (such as raked leaves) stand in a yard may help reduce the likelihood of pests. Some pests however just love people and animals, even though we do not love these pests at all. Mosquitos can be a nuisance to people and animals with mosquito bites, and it might not seem like an issue to contact an NJ pest control specialist over, but mosquitos can also be potential carriers of disease like H1N1. Ticks are another pest that loves people and animals that can cause Lyme disease which can lead to neurological and even heart problems.

Homeowners should make sure to keep out what pests they can by properly sealing their homes, keeping doors closed, sealing cracks around windows and on walls, replacing damaged wood (including siding and trim) can go a long way to preventing little pests from getting in. In the summer it can be tempting to keep windows and doors open to try to let in breezes, but homeowners should make sure their doors and windows have screens to prevent pests from coming in. Sometimes even with all the caulking of cracks, pests cannot be avoided, especially if they are already in a home. Contacting someone who specializes in NJ pest control, like us here at Alliance Pest Services, will be important to helping you get your sanity and your home back.

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