How to Effectively Get Rid of Cockroaches in Monmouth County

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If there’s one addition your Monmouth County home definitely doesn’t need, it’s a roach infestation, but how do you get rid of these pests once they’ve wandered into your house? 

Here’s what Monmouth County homeowners should know about the types of roaches they may find inside their houses, whether they’re harmful, the most effective way to get rid of them with pest control in Monmouth County, and some of the simplest ways to prevent these pests from coming back. 

A german cockroach on kitchen tile
A Cockroach crawling in a kitchen

What Types Of Cockroaches Invade Monmouth County Properties?

While many people tend to group cockroaches into one category, there are actually several different types of roaches you may encounter in your home. For Monmouth County residents, the most common types of roaches include:

German cockroach: They may be small, but German cockroaches move quickly. These roaches can grow over half an inch in length, and are the most common type of roach you’ll find in Monmouth County homes. You can usually identify them by the two, dark parallel stripes that run across their body.

Oriental cockroach: Oriental cockroaches grow a little bigger, and typically have darker coloring. At first glance, these roaches may look glossy or shiny, but this sheen comes from their oily bodies. Compared to German and American roaches, Oriental cockroaches are especially known for their moisture-loving habits.

American cockroach: Also called waterbugs and palmetto bugs, American cockroaches can grow more than two inches long, making them the biggest house-infesting roach in the country. Not only are they easier to spot because of their size, but they also have a figure-eight marking on the back of their heads. 

Are Cockroaches In Monmouth County Harmful To Humans?

Cockroaches may make your skin crawl when you spot them in your home, but do they really pose a health risk to you or your family? Unfortunately, cockroaches can be harmful to humans, and here’s how:

  • Cockroaches may trigger your allergies: Cockroach saliva, droppings, and shed skin contain an enzyme that can worsen allergies and asthma symptoms in many people, including small children. As the infestation grows, these symptoms worsen and those affected may have trouble breathing, runny noses, or watery eyes whenever they’re home.

  • Cockroaches can transmit bacteria and pathogens: There are over thirty different kinds of bacteria that cockroaches can transmit to people, some associated with diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, salmonellosis, streptococcus, and staphylococcus.

  • Cockroaches can contaminate your food supply: Not only can they transmit disease or bacteria when they crawl across kitchen surfaces, but once they make it into your cabinet, cockroaches may contaminate your entire food supply with bacteria too.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In Monmouth County

Along with the health risks of cockroaches, these pests also reproduce quickly, which means that a couple of roaches can turn into a full-blown infestation within no time. Rather than use ineffective OTC treatments that won’t get the job done, there’s only one effective way to get rid of cockroaches, and that’s with Alliance Pest Services. 

With more than thirty-five years of battling pests like cockroaches, our goal is to provide effective, safe treatments that you can count on. If you’re seeing signs of cockroaches in your Monmouth County home, you don’t want to wait for the infestation to keep growing. Call us today at Alliance Pest Services to learn more about how our cockroach control services can help your home. 

Simple Cockroach Prevention Tips For Monmouth County Properties

While you should use professional treatment to deal with existing infestations, there are ways to prevent these pests from coming back, such as:

  • Use airtight containers or sealed packaging to store your food products, and make sure you’re not leaving food sitting out.

  • Don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight as these dishes can have food particles that cockroaches may feed on.

  • Regularly empty your garbage can before it gets too full, and make sure you’re keeping a sealed lid on it.

  • Use caulk, foam, or another type of sealant to cover up any tiny cracks and crevices around your home, which cockroaches may use to get inside.

  • Declutter your home frequently and get rid of cardboard and paper, which cockroaches may try to use as hiding spots.

These steps can all help to deter cockroaches, but if a roach gets past your defenses, don’t wait to call Alliance Pest Services.

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