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What Are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are adaptable, scavenging insects that have withstood the test of time. Those species that live outside and away from people are actually quite helpful because their feeding habits eliminate any decaying organic matter. However, the groups of cockroaches that prefer to live near people are problematic, disease-spreading pests and should never be allowed in our New Jersey homes or businesses.

A Cockroach

The three species of cockroaches that are regular invaders of structures in Monmouth County are the small, fast-moving German cockroach; the large, reddish-brown American cockroach; and the moisture-loving Oriental cockroach.

Each cockroach species will vary slightly in appearance, but in general, they have a flattened oval-shaped body, an overall “greasy” look, long antennae, and most species have wings, but few fly.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches are pests that overtake properties in large numbers. They are responsible for staining walls, floors, and fabrics with their excrement. Their saliva, shed skins, and waste contaminates food and surfaces. They are also pests that will dramatically affect the health of the people they are living near.

Some of the biggest health concerns associated with cockroaches include the following:

  • Cockroaches play a significant part in spreading diseases that affect a person’s gastrointestinal system. They are vectors of diseases that cause dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera.
  • They spread bacteria like salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.
  • Their shed skins and excrement trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Children are most susceptible to allergies caused by cockroaches.

Why Do I Have A Cockroach Problem?

Cockroaches can find their way into any structure, from a single-family home to an apartment building to a commercial property; no place is immune from cockroaches. These pests are attracted to three things—food, water, and warm shelter; something that any home or business has.

It is common for cockroaches to accidentally be introduced into a structure, inside things like boxes, potted plants, deliveries, grocery bags, or appliances. They will also move inside after being attracted by food or water. Drains, sewers, cracks in the foundation, and gaps under doors or around windows are common entry points. In multi-unit buildings, cockroaches will move between units through walls and under floors using pipes and wires as a guide.

Where Will I Find Cockroaches?

When cockroaches are inside a structure, they tend to hide in similar areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and utility rooms are where these pests congregate because these areas put them close to both food and moisture.

Some of their preferred hiding spots include:

  • Inside drawers and cabinets
  • Behind wooden trim
  • Behind appliances
  • In cracks in walls and behind baseboards
  • Inside of food containers
  • Behind tubs, toilets, and sinks

Additionally, different species of cockroach may hide in the following areas:

  • American cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches will live both outdoors and inside structures.
  • Outside, American cockroaches live in damp, dark areas and are often discovered in gardens under mulch, behind tree bark, in flower beds, and under leaf piles.
  • Oriental cockroaches have very high moisture needs and prefer to be outside in areas with a lot of water present. Areas around sewers, dripping pipes, gutter downspouts, and the ground under leaves or mulch are places where you’ll find Oriental cockroaches.
  • German cockroaches primarily live indoors.

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Get rid of unwanted cockroaches with the help of the professionals at Alliance Pest Services. We understand that fast action and effective solutions are essential when dealing with cockroaches. We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to pest problems. Our professionals will take the time to get to know you, your home, and your pest control needs.

Dedicated to constantly developing new pest control and prevention programs, at Alliance Pest Services, our primary goal is to provide our customers with industry-leading pest control services. Our cockroach control services will protect your family and property from these dangerous and damaging pests. If you live in Monmouth County, NJ, and would like to learn more about any of our residential or commercial pest control solutions, give us a call today!

How Can I Prevent Cockroaches In The Future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, protect your property from pests with the following prevention tips:

  • Maintain a clean kitchen by washing dirty dishes daily, sweeping and mopping floors, storing food in the fridge or sealed containers, and regularly emptying trash cans.
  • Limit eating in your home to kitchen and dining areas to reduce the crumbs in your home.
  • Place all trash bags into containers outside with locking lids to keep cockroaches out of your trash cans.
  • Reduce moisture in your home by fixing leaky pipes, using dehumidifiers, and making sure your basement or crawl space is properly ventilated.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior, repairing any openings you find that could allow cockroaches or other pests to move into your home.
  • If you live in an apartment, install door sweeps on your exterior doors and seal cracks in walls and around baseboards.
  • Before bringing boxes, delivered packages, potted plants, used furniture, or used appliances into your home, inspect the items for cockroaches.

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