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Professional Pest Solutions In Perth Amboy, NJ

One of the many attractive features of Perth Amboy is the historic waterfront, which is home to many attractions like museums, shops, and much more. The annual Waterfront Arts Festival and the Mayor’s Concert Series are area events, making it a place where residents can come together to enjoy all the community offerings.

Even the most picturesque places like Perth Amboy’s waterfront can experience pest problems occasionally. Unfortunately, homes and businesses are vulnerable to pests and threats, such as property damage, contamination, and many health concerns.

It may feel like there is no way to keep pests away, but it can be done with the help of Alliance Pest Services. We have been in the industry for over 35 years, perfecting our methods to keep residential and commercial properties pest-free. Allied Pest Services is the answer for all your Middlesex County pest control needs.

Home Pest Control In Perth Amboy, NJ

Keeping pests out of a home is easier said than done because many of the pests that plague residential properties are opportunists and adapt to different environments and situations. But keeping pests away doesn’t need to be a challenge when working with Alliance Pest Services.

We offer three specific home pest control plans to our residential clients.

These plans include:

  • Umbrella Basic: Targeted control of mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Umbrella Plus: Covers 25 different pests such as ants, stinging insects, occasional invaders, cockroaches, rodents, and more, including mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Umbrella Premium: Provides coverage for all the pests included in the Umbrella Plus plan and bed bugs.

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to dangerous pests; call Alliance Pest Services today for a pest control plan that meets all your needs.

Seeing Signs Of Termites Around Your Perth Amboy Property

A termite chewing on wood

If you see signs of a termite infestation such as mud tubes, droppings, discarded  wings, drooping wallpaper, and other dangers, there are two things you should not do:

  1. Don’t ignore these warning signs. Doing so will only allow the infestation to worsen and cause more damage.
  2. Don’t try to eliminate an infestation independently. DIY methods are ineffective against this pest and will not eradicate the entire infestation. 

Instead, you should contact the experts for accurate pest identification and assistance in eliminating the pest. Perth Amboy residents can contact Alliance Pest Services for help with termites. We take termites seriously, so only our experienced and licensed termites technicians will perform inspections and implement termite control treatments for this pest. Plus, we provide a one-year warranty that you can renew annually. Call us at Alliance Pest Services to learn more!

How To Tell If Your Perth Amboy Home Has A Cockroach Problem

A Cockroach crawling in a kitchen

Cockroaches are common home-invading pests. However, it is unlikely you will see these pests right away because of their nocturnal nature.

Instead, there are several signs you should look for, including:

Damage to food packaging and other items caused by cockroaches chewing.
Droppings that look like ground pepper or coffee grounds.
Egg capsules are a dark, oblong shape.
An odor may accompany an infestation, especially as it increases in size.
Shed skin can be found in the areas where cockroaches are most active.
Smear marks will be on walls and floors, indicating where cockroaches are traveling.
If you see any of these signs, call us at Alliance Pest Services, because cockroaches are resilient and one of the most challenging pests to eradicate!

Commercial Pest Control In Perth Amboy, NJ

There is nothing worse than putting your all into something just for issues outside your control to ruin it. Unfortunately, this happens to many business owners faced with a pest problem. However, pests don’t have to be outside your control when you have professional pest experts to assist you.

Alliance Pest Services aims to assist all Perth Amboy businesses with their commercial pest control needs to help them preserve their hard work. We do this by offering personalized control and prevention services to meet the individual needs of every property.

Our commercial pest control consists of:

  • Inspection: This step is essential as it allows our technicians to locate entry points, conducive conditions, and pest activity, which is necessary to implement the proper methods.
  • Treatment: Using our inspection findings, a technician will develop a plan that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. These treatments will eliminate, monitor, and prevent pests.
  • Follow-Up: We generally service commercial properties monthly, but we will schedule follow-up visits depending on the needs of your business.

Get started with protecting your business by calling us at Alliance Pest Services!

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