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Professional Pest Control For Tinton Falls, NJ Property Owners

Tinton Falls is one of the many townships that make New Jersey so wonderful. While there are tons of reasons to love living here, there are also tons of pests that could invade our local homes and businesses all year long. Tinton Falls home and business owners need to be prepared for pests all year long, too.

Here at Alliance Pest Services, we offer both residential and commercial pest services designed to eliminate current pests and prevent future infestations. Moreover, we always strive to use Integrated Pest Management methodologies to ensure the safest treatments for your property. Contact us today to receive a free quote or schedule an initial inspection for your home or business.

Home Pest Control In Tinton Falls, NJ

Residential pest control isn’t simply about protecting your home; it’s also about keeping your family safe from threats posed by pests. That’s we’ll never approach residential pest control with a barrage of harmful chemicals. Sure, these may eliminate pests, but they can also harm pets and family members. Instead, we rely on IPM methodologies which means we eliminate factors that attract pests and seal off potential entry points. Chemical treatments are only used as a last resort and kept to a minimum. Not only are these pest control methods safer, but they also help to prevent future infestations. That way, you can rest assured your home is safe from pests going forward. To schedule a free inspection of your property, contact Alliance Pest Services today.

Bird Control: Three Techniques For Tinton Falls Businesses

A pigeon on a windowsil

Although we may not always consider them to be pests, birds can cause many problems for Tinton Falls businesses, including nesting in signage, defecating on the façade, and scaring away customers. Therefore, if you want to keep pest birds away from your business you need to follow these three techniques.

  1. Store exterior trash in bins with tight-fitting lids.
  2. Keep outdoor walkways and seating areas free of food debris and spills.
  3. Install bird spikes around signs to prevent nesting.

For more advice regarding pest birds, contact the professionals here at Alliance Pest Services. Our expert pest technicians have the experience and equipment needed to effectively keep pest birds away from your property. Call us today to learn more.

How To Avoid Stinging Insects In Your Tinton Falls Backyard

Closeup of a hornet

Stinging insects, such as bees, hornets, and wasps, are aptly named thanks to their stingers which they can use to inflict painful and sometimes dangerous stings. And while they are beneficial to the ecosystem, we don’t necessarily want them living in our yards. To keep stinging insects away from your property, follow these prevention methods.

  • Store trash in bins with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Avoid planting plants that attract stinging insects such as Queen Anne’s lace and sweet fennel. 
  • Refrain from overwatering your lawn.
  • Keep your lawn well-manicured. 
  • Fill in holes in the ground where stinging insects might nest.

If you continue to experience stinging insects around your property, contact the professionals here at Alliance Pest Services for assistance. Don’t let stinging insects keep you from enjoying your yard. Contact us today to learn more about our stinging insect control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Tinton Falls, NJ

No two businesses are exactly alike, nor do they require the exact same pest control services. That’s why we take all factors and variables into account before we develop a pest management plan for your business. We begin by speaking with you to get a better understanding of what you’ve been experiencing. We will also take this opportunity to learn about any industry regulations or other concerns you may have regarding pest control as it pertains to your business. Then, we perform a detailed inspection of your property, looking for entry points, signs of life, and other conducive conditions. Once we have as much information as possible, only then will we develop a customized pest management plan for your business. Treatments vary depending on your current pest situation, but all are designed to eliminate current pests and prevent future infestations. Follow-up visits can be arranged on a schedule that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services.

What Every Tinton Falls Property Owner Needs To Know About Rodents

The first thing you need to know about rodents is that they are dangerous to have in your home. The second thing you need to know is that it often takes a professional to get rid of rodent infestations. Whether mice or rats or even bushy-tailed squirrels, rodents pose a triple threat to your wellbeing. 

Rodents spread a variety of illnesses, including leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and hantavirus. They are also commonly infested with parasites such as ticks and fleas, which bring risks of additional infestations and diseases. Rodents are also a threat to your property. They have strong jaws and a need to chew continuously to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. This can lead to damage to your walls, siding, personal belongings, and even plumbing and electrical lines. Additionally, when rodents build nests in your home, they soil them with urine and droppings leading to contamination and unpleasant odors. 

Finally, rodents are stealthy animals who are experts at avoiding detection and extermination attempts. They live in large groups and reproduce quickly, so getting rid of rodents on your own can be nearly impossible. Luckily, the experts at Alliance Pest Services are here to help with all your rodent control needs. Call today to find out more about our services. 

Six Handy Ant Control Tips For Tinton Falls Homeowners

Ants are one of the most common home-invading pests in Tinton Falls. The easiest way to avoid problems with ants is to prevent them from getting into your house in the first place. You can do this by considering the following six factors:

  • Food: The number one factor attracting ants into your home is food. And it really doesn’t matter what type. Sure, ants prefer a diet of sweets and protein, but a single drop or crumb of any food or drink on the floor can bring a parade of ants inside. Make sure to put away leftovers and keep counters and floors clean.
  • Pet Food: It’s not just our food we need to think about. One of the most commonly missed factors attracting ants is our pet food bowls. Whether indoors or out, leaving a bowl of pet food sitting out is an invitation to ants and other pests. Try to feed your pets on a schedule and pick up their bowls when they are done eating.
  • Trash: Ants aren’t picky. If they can’t get your food, and they can’t get your pet’s food, they can make a feast out of your trash. Make sure both indoor and outdoor trash cans are covered with tightly-fitted lids and empty them regularly.
  • Water: As much as ants need food, they also need water. Limit their access to moisture by fixing leaks, addressing condensation, maintaining drainage systems, and running dehumidifiers in poorly ventilated areas.
  • Cracks: Regardless of temptations, ants won’t come in if they can’t find a way inside. Seal cracks and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation, use weather stripping and door sweeps to address gaps around doors and windows, and repair or replace torn screens.
  • Landscaping: The more ants you have nesting in your yard, the greater the chances that they will find a way inside your home. Maintaining landscaping is a great way to discourage ants on your property.

These steps can help you avoid issues with ants in your home, but if you’re struggling with an existing infestation, the professionals at Alliance Pest Services can help.

How You Could Be Wrong About The Termites In Tinton Falls

Termites are perhaps the most dangerous of pests, but because of their secluded nature, you may not even notice they’re there. Below are some of the reasons why you might be wrong about the prolific nature of termites here in Tinton Falls:

  • Termite eggs: The queen lays these eggs that are small and white.
  • Nymphs: Once the termite eggs hatch, they become nymphs. As they grow, they shed their skin and develop into whatever form of adult their colony needs.
  • Castes: Termites have castes within their colonies. If enough of one caste gets exterminated, the other fully grown termites can molt again, growing into that caste and taking over that role.
  • Over-the-counter products: When one uses over-the-counter products to get rid of their termite infestation, they harm only a few of the insects. Others will evolve into breeders or queen termites to keep the infestation going strong.

At Alliance Pest Services, we specialize in providing complete eradication of termite swarms, ensuring no insects are left behind to keep the problem going. If you are worried about your property, give us a call today!

How Dangerous Is It To Have Cockroaches In My Tinton Falls House?

Cockroaches aren’t just obnoxious and gross. A cockroach infestation in your home can lead to you and your family being exposed to severe illnesses. Below are some of these illnesses and a great example of why you should seek professional help with the cockroach infestation in your home:

  • Salmonella: This is one of the most common yet devastating gastrointestinal diseases that cockroaches can cause. Because roaches themselves are so resilient, it should come as no surprise to learn that the strains of salmonella they pass onto humans are also resilient and resistant to regular salmonella treatments.
  • Listeria: This illness is considered the most severe and dangerous form of food poisoning. Cockroaches spread this by scuttling over your eating utensils and countertops.
  • E. Coli: Another severe gastrointestinal disease, this illness can be contracted by simply having exposure to cockroach feces.

Cockroach infestations are prolific and dangerous to your family’s health and wellbeing. At Alliance Pest Services, our technicians quickly and effectively exterminate entire infestations and sanitize the infected space to ensure your safety. Don’t let the cockroaches fester in your home. Call us today to request an inspection.

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