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Dependable Pest Control Services In Waretown, NJ

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted pests in your Waretown home or business? Are you looking for a way to eliminate pests in the most effective way possible? If so, look no further than Alliance Pest Services. For over three decades, we have been committed to defending homes and businesses from a wide range of pests. Our goal is to take care of your pest problems so that you don’t have to. With our technicians working the job, you can rest assured that the protection of your Waretown property is in good hands. If you’re ready to say goodbye to rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and other pests, the professionals at Alliance Pest Services can help. Give us a call today to get started!

Home Pest Control In Waretown, NJ

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to deal with after a long, stressful day is a pest infestation. Not only are pests destructive, but they also pose a significant health risk to you and your family. The only way to ensure your Waretown home remains pest-free throughout every season is to put into place an ongoing residential pest control plan from Alliance Pest Services. At Alliance Pest Services, we have made it our top priority to provide excellent treatments that will eliminate current pest threats and protect your property from future infestations. By relying on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and proven methods of control, we protect Waretown properties from the area’s toughest pests. Don’t allow rodents and insects to threaten your family and your health. Instead, turn to the technicians here at Alliance Pest Services for excellent, long-lasting home pest control solutions.

Do Fleas & Ticks In Waretown Carry Lyme Disease?

A Tick crawling on human skin

Fleas and ticks are common parasitic pests that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Here in Waretown, our wet winters and humid spring provide an ideal environment for fleas and ticks. These small pests are typically most active during the warmer seasons but can remain active well into fall and winter in areas with thick foliage.

One of the most worrying things about fleas and ticks is their ability to spread dangerous bacteria. Fleas are capable of spreading diseases such as tularemia, typhus, and bubonic plague. Ticks transmit diseases such as babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and Lyme disease. Deer ticks are common in our area and are known for carrying the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Although not all ticks carry Lyme disease, they are still a major threat to your health.

Protect your family and pets from fleas and ticks by implementing professional flea and tick control services from Alliance Pest Services. We are committed to delivering excellent pest control solutions that you can trust throughout the entire year.

Don’t wait for fleas and ticks to cause problems around your Waretown property. Instead, reach out to Alliance Pest Services to learn more about our effective flea and tick treatments.

Bird Control: How To Keep Birds Off Waretown Properties

A Pigeon on a fence

Birds are pleasant creatures to observe from a distance. But when they start nesting in your roof eave and leaving their droppings all over your driveway, they become a major nuisance. Keep birds away from your Waretown property by implementing the following bird prevention techniques.

  • Remove potential food sources for birds, such as leftover picnic scraps, open garbage cans, and bird feeders.
  • If you enjoy maintaining bird feeders and birdbaths, keep them out in your lawn, further away from the exterior of your home.
  • Set up visual repellents, such as plastic owls, cats, and other predators.

While these bird prevention tips are worth trying, most of them are only effective for a short period of time, if at all. That’s why you should always reach out to the professionals here at Alliance Pest Services for help with your bird problems. We have the experience and equipment needed to effectively rid your Waretown property of birds.

Commercial Pest Control In Waretown, NJ

When you run a business, it’s your goal to provide excellent products and services and give your customers an enjoyable experience. However, if dangerous and destructive pests take over your commercial facility, customers won’t return to your business in the future. Protect your business from pests of all shapes and sizes by implementing a commercial pest control plan from Alliance Pest Services. With over 30 years of experience controlling pest problems, we’re ready to give your Waretown business the complete protection it needs. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches in your restaurant or bed bugs in your hotel, we have you covered. Get in touch with Alliance Pest Services today to find out how we protect businesses from pests.

What's With All The Ladybugs In Waretown?

Ladybugs in Waretown are often regarded as peaceful friends through their depictions in popular culture; however, when they end up in homes, they become much more of a nuisance. One of the key reasons why homeowners might see an increase in ladybug populations in the coming months is when they’re on the search for warmer places to live once winter hits. If homes have cracks and crevices, ladybugs will enter in order to find warm basements and closets. Ladybug populations tend to grow exponentially because they release pheromones once they’ve found a place to live, which in turn, attracts other ladybugs, and hence, a colony forms.

At Alliance Pest Services, we know that ladybugs can be a real nuisance and they are also difficult to keep away, which is why we provide bi-monthly treatments to keep them out of homes. Our Integrated Pest Management approach uses eco-friendly products and methods that look at the root of ladybug problems and keeps them out of homes without fail. For more information on reliable ladybug control, call us today. 

Benefits Of Professional Ant Treatment For Waretown Homes

Ants are the most common nuisance pest across the country, so it’s no surprise when they end up in Waretown homes. When it comes to ants, there’s no wiser way to deal with them than by enlisting the help of pest control professionals. To begin, ants are capable of getting inside homes in very crafty ways that homeowners might not even know exist. They can slip through cracks in foundations, open windows and doors, doors that have gaps around them, or even get carried in by invading packages that have been sitting on the front porch for a while.

Because ants in Waretown can be so sneaky, professional ant treatments are beneficial because they create a protective barrier from ants that allow people to live their daily lives. Something as simple as not cleaning up crumbs quickly or forgetting to take the trash out can result in an infestation, but by having professionals on the case, human error doesn’t have to have such big consequences.

Professional care is also the safest way to address harmful ants like red fire ants that sting people and cause severe allergic reactions like difficulty breathing. These services are also the most thorough way to eliminate damaging carpenter ants that burrow in homes to destroy them. For more information on ant control in Waretown, call Alliance Pest Services.

Three Early Warning Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Waretown Home

Catching cockroaches early is paramount to the well-being of everyone in your Waretown home, as they can spread harmful pathogens that lead to streptococcus infections, giardiasis, and gastrointestinal disease. Cockroaches in Waretown are also very difficult to get rid of without professional intervention for a variety of reasons, so look for these three early warning signs:

1. A scattering of feces that look like flecks of dirt

2. Cockroaches that are living or dead

3. Egg cases, eggshells, or young roaches

At the first sign of cockroaches in your home, look no further than Alliance Pest Services. We are a team of trusted pest experts who abide by Integrated Pest Management methods in order to eliminate the cockroaches that you may be dealing with. This approach is eco-conscious, safe for the entire household, and also works to prevent future issues from developing.

We’ve included coverage for cockroaches in our Umbrella Plus program because we know how prevalent they can be for local homeowners. We opt for bi-monthly visits that use techniques like broad-spectrum microencapsulated insecticides and granular baiting. If any cockroaches return between your regularly scheduled visits, we’ll provide re-treatments at no additional cost to you. For more information on cockroach control, call us today. 

Professional Advice On Mosquito Control For Your Waretown Home

When it comes to keeping your Waretown home mosquito-free, there are a few key tips that the pest control professionals would recommend. That advice includes:

  • Get rid of moisture issues. One of the most attractive features to mosquitoes is areas of standing water, so turn over bird baths regularly, eliminate puddles in pool covers, and keep gutters clear.
  • Clean up the yard. Another way to make your property inhospitable to mosquitoes is by getting rid of yard clutter like lawn trimmings.
  • Consider what you plant. There are certain plants that contain naturally repelling properties that might dissuade mosquitoes from your property. Those plants include marigolds, rosemary, citronella, and lavender.
  • Address human features. These pests are attracted to the presence of people, so try to stay indoors during dusk and dawn to limit their appearance. When you spend time outside, apply an EPA-approved product like lemon-eucalyptus oil, and try to curb how much alcohol you drink.
  • Seek professional service. Mosquitoes are a seasonal pest problem, which means that keeping them away and reducing their populations can be tricky without intervention. Consider contacting your local pest pro for routine treatments during their season.

For more information on mosquito control in Waretown, call Alliance Pest Services today.

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