How To Know You Have A Problem With Termites In Your Home

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Termites are insects that can cause great devastation in the home. Many people have been affected by them, and learned the hard way. 

What Are Termites And How Can They Cause Damage In Your Home?

You may have seen a termite or two on a hike in the forest or up in the mountain. They love burrowing in plants and woody areas. They are usually found underneath logs or plants that have rotted away. This will be their food source. However, many people don’t realize that termites can also be found in the home as well as in the garden or the backyard. Once they have worked their way into these areas, it is difficult to get rid of them.

Termites have a nasty habit of hiding in book cases, furniture as well as in the foundations. Many folk are not aware of what a termite looks like or the damage that it can do in their home. In addition to this, there are a variety of termites around, some of which will cause more chaos in one’s life.

For example, the subterranean termite prefers a little bit of soil in the environment. They thrive on the wood which is around. Much of the time, these termites can be found in the foundations of a home. It becomes more dangerous during summer when they start to mate and the colony expands. Eventually homeowners will have to spend a lot of money repairing damage caused by these types of termites.

The type of termite that is found in the home will also depend on where you are located. For example, the drywood variety love a warm environment and this will usually affect those who stay in areas where it is hot. 

How to Know You Have Termites in Your Home

It is not only those homes made of wood which are at risk. Other homes which have been securely built with other materials, such as bricks and metal lining are also at risk. One would not think that a small insect would be able to do so much damage, but it is possible for them to squeeze in between other materials as well. 

It is a good idea to call a pest control and have them do regular checks to make sure that you don’t have any complications. This especially relates to those people who have a lot of wooden foundations as well as furniture in their homes. Maintenance like this is always helpful.

You may think your floor boards are showing signs of wear and tear or your wooden chair is aging rather quickly. This is a sign that you may be suffering from termite damage. You may start to smell a little mold, similar to that of when you have a flood and your floor starts to bulge up. A chair may even start to crack when there are a lot of these insects that have begun to breed.

It is less common for termites to bury themselves in carpets, but there are varieties which will feed off this, and this is something to watch out for. Some of these have wings, and you may be able to trace these on the floor. This would be a definite sign that there is indeed a problem. 

You should also be looking out for plaster that is loose on the walls as the insects start to spread. If it has advanced into problematic areas, the doors will be difficult to open, as will the windows.

How To Repair Your Home After Suffering From Termite Damage

When you are able to catch this in the early stages, there is still something that you are able to do, depending on where the termites have been hiding and how severe it is. 

However, to make sure that the termites have, in fact gone for good it is a good idea to contact a professional who has the appropriate training and experience. They will know what to look for. They will be able to exterminate the home. For this you will need to set a day aside, making sure you can leave your house for a few hours. This service will make sure that the termites don’t reappear, so it is definitely something to think about.

It is only once the house has been exterminated and you are confident that it free from any insects like this, that you should think of repairing the damage. You may just need to take a couple of chairs to have the cracks seen to. You may just need to do some cleaning. However, when the problem is more severe, you may find that the entire ceiling needs to be replaced. And often this is not something that you can do on your own. Once this is repaired by a professional, it is good idea to schedule a termite inspector to have a look at your home from time to time.

One should make sure that there are no cracks or open areas when building the foundations. This is where termites are most likely to enter. Of course, they are able to enter a home from just about any point, but the chances are that if you have a foundation that has not been built properly, you are more likely to have a problem. One needs to shop around for a professional service and focus on maintenance of the foundation every so often.

Termite can cause serious damage to your home and property.  Alliance Pest Services can treat all your termite pest problems. Contact Alliance Pest Services for termite treatment plan options. 

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